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Background and History of Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards is an American professional basketball team based in Washington, D.C.. The Washington Wizards are part of the Southeast Division in the NBA League, and play home games at the Capital One Arena

The Washington Wizards was founded back in 1961by Abe Pollin and his affiliate or farm team whose role is to give young players experience and improvement. They have 2 retired jersey numbers of their best players ever, who are Sammy Baugh and Bobby Mitchell. This team has been part of the NBA G League for more than 40 years.  

Where can I buy Washington Wizards tickets?

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Rivalries of Washington Wizards

How to find the best Washington Wizards seats?

The best seats at a Washington Wizards game are subjective as everybody has their own wishes, and of course, we cannot have the same tastes. However, the best seats are seen to be found right after the Washington Wizards tickets are available to the public to buy. So that’s why you should try and get hold of your cheap Washington Wizards tickets as soon as possible because when the venue isn’t entirely sold out, you’ll have the freedom and the greatest possibility to get the best chair per your taste. What is the best seat at a concert is a very subjective matter, am I not right – everyone has their personal preferences for the best seat?  

How much are Washington Wizards tickets?

As we have seen, the Washington Wizards tickets on the market can vary depending on whether the Washington Wizards are playing at home or away, and whether you are buying season or single  Washington Wizardsgame tickets. Now, we should mention that Washington Wizards single game tickets can be found for every pocket size, starting from as low as 5 bucks per ticket and 784bucks as an average paid ticket price. Also, Washington Wizards season tickets price can vary depending on which seat you will pick and what package you will choose.

How much are Washington Wizards playoff tickets?

Washington Wizards playoff tickets price can vary depending on which seats you buy and which team the Washington Wizardswill play against. It is best to buy Washington Wizards playoff tickets right after they are released since playoff games are a lot more exciting and tickets sell out fast. 

Washington Wizards Records & Awards 

The Wizards have three Basketball Hall of Famers, Andrew Gaze, Fabricio Oberto, and Michael Jordan. Also, the Washington Wizards have won 1 NBA title, 4 Conference titles, and 8 Division titles.

Washington Wizards Current Players and Coaches

The following coaches and players are part of the Washington Wizards team roster:

Head Coach

  • Wes Unseld Jr.

Assistant Coaches

  •  Pat Delany, Joseph Blair, Mike Miller (not the former player), Zach Guthrie.


  • Avdija Deni
  • Ayayi Joel
  • Beal Bradley
  • Bryant Thomas
  • Caldwell-Pope Kentavious
  • Carey Vernon 
  • Gafford Daniel 
  • Gill Anthony 
  • Hachimura Rui 
  • Kispert Corey 
  • Kuzma Kyle 
  • Neto Raul 
  • Porziņģis Kristaps 
  • Satoranský Tomáš 
  • Smith Ish 
  • Todd Isaiah 
  • Winston Cassius

Fun Facts and Celebrity Fans of Washington Wizards

  • The American rapper Wale is a big fan of Washington Wizards. 
  • They won their only title in 1978, when they defeated the Seattle SuperSonics in a seven-game series that went to overtime. The vengeance was swift, as they met again in the NBA Finals in 1979, this time losing in five games to the Los Angeles Lakers. They had previously lost two NBA Championship games, in 1975 to Golden State and again in 1971 to Milwaukee, both while still based in Baltimore. It should be mentioned that they were defeated in both Finals by a 3-0 score. 
  • There is no doubt that one of the most significant moments in the history of the Washington Wizards was when, in September 2001, Michael Jordan announced that he would return to the NBA and join the Washington Wizards, emphasizing that his salary would be used to support the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.


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