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Bio of Taylor Swift

Up to date, Taylor Swift has released 9 studio albums, 15 extended plays, 2 compilation albums, 58 music videos, and 57 singles. 

Why is Taylor Swift so popular?

Taylor Swift is very popular because she makes conventional music. She is a pop and country star and was always described as very professional. The style of her music is easily recognizable and she started singing at the age of 14 so that is how Swift connected fast with the teenage audience. 

Where can I buy Taylor Swift tickets?

The best and most secure way one could get their hands on some precious Taylor Swift concert tickets would be via the online tickets marketspace – gotStubs. 

How long does a Taylor Swift live performance last? 

While most artists’ shows can last between two and three hours and sometimes, even more, depending on the artist, and some other factors such as how long the opening act is, whether or not there is an encore act planned, Taylor Swift tour performances usually last from 2 to 3 hours. 

Now, what to expect during these more or less 2 hours? Taylor Swift usually plays up to 20 songs during the concert, among which some of Taylor Swift’s most popular singles like – ‘’Shake It Off’’. 

Out of all 57 singles of the Taylor Swift catalog she will for sure play some of her most popular singles like – “You Belong With Me,” “Shake It Off,” and “Blank Space.” 

Is there an opening act on Taylor Swift live concerts?

Depends on the concert or the tour, but yes, Taylor Swift does have opening acts on live concerts, that is maybe another good reason to buy Taylor Swift tickets because you could see musicians like Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes or Gloriana and Kellie Pickler.

In what cities is Taylor Swift performing for the tour?

Like many other artists, Taylor Swift postponed her ‘’Love Fest’’ tour likely for 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to save on Taylor Swift tickets?

It might be an excellent idea to look for Taylor Swift tickets for performances in other nearby cities and compare the prices so you’d get the best possible deal rather than choosing to watch the show in your local venue straightaway. However, the concert ticket price depends on many factors, that’s why you should do your research before buying your Taylor Swift tickets. Also, as always, it would be an excellent idea if you’d have the patience and wait until the last moment for the last-selling Taylor Swift concert tickets. However, if you’re not that patient and wish to have your tickets in your hands as soon as possible, you’re not that good financially, or if the venue closest to you has some extremely costly tickets, then we would suggest looking for a seat in the back rows.

How to find the best Taylor Swift seats?

The best seats at a Taylor Swift concert are subjective as everybody has their own wishes, and of course, we cannot have the same tastes. However, the best seats are seen to be found right after the Taylor Swift concert tickets are available to the public to buy. So that’s why you should try and get hold of your concert tickets as soon as possible because when the venue isn’t entirely sold out, you’ll have the freedom and the greatest possibility to get the best chair per your taste. What is the best seat at a concert is a very subjective matter, am I not right – everyone has their personal preferences for the best seat? 

What’s Taylor Swift’s setlist?

During Taylor Swift’s experience of over 20 years and the countless studio-released albums, Taylor Swift has had many singles that reached the top charts. Keeping in mind that many of the bands and performers make the setlist as they are waiting to come on the stage, we decided to have a look at the most played songs at a Taylor Swift concert. It would be best to consider that some bands also play their most recent album and play some of their most successful singles between the album song, and that’s how their setlist is made. So, let’s take a look at Taylor Swift’s songs that have the greatest chance of showing up to their next concert’s setlist. 


  • …Ready For It?
  • Gorgeous
  • Look What You Made Me Do
  • End Game
  • Delicate
  • All To Well
  • Getaway Car
  • Call It What You Want
  • Blank Space
  • You Belong With Me
  • Shake It Off

How much are Taylor Swift tickets?

As we have seen, the Taylor Swift tickets on the market can vary depending on where the concert is being held, how large the venue is, and stuff like that. Now, we should mention that Taylor Swift concert tickets can be found for every pocket size, starting from as low as 175 bucks per ticket and 221 bucks as an average paid ticket price. Sometimes it depends where Swift is playing a show. The price is usually similar whether or not you are looking for Taylor Swift Austin tickets or Taylor Swift Boston tickets. But every time you see tickets Taylor Swift written on the net, you have to be fast to get them.

Does Taylor Swift do meet and greets?

Taylor Swift usually does not sell meet and greet tickets. She meets fans for free before an album is released or at her concerts.

Price range of Taylor Swift VIP tickets?

Taylor Swift has VIP packages which give a much better live experience of the concert and it will cost one anywhere between $1k to $5k. And yes, all concerts have a VIP package. No matter if the concert is in a show business city like LA or in Chicago. In both places you can look for Taylor Swift Staples Center tickets or Taylor Swift Chicago tickets.

With whom has Taylor Swift collaborated?

She collaborated with different artists from Jack Antonoff, Aaron Dessner, Bon Iver to Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes.

Related Performers to Taylor Swift

Some of the similar performers to Taylor Swift are:

Will Taylor Swift perform with another artist onstage on her tour? 

It is always different on her tour concerts, but you can expect another musician onstage such as Alessia Cara, Miranda Lambert, Ed Sheeran and others.

Sunday Jun 04 6:30 PM
Friday Jun 09 6:30 PM
Saturday Jun 10 6:30 PM
Friday Jun 16 6:30 PM
Saturday Jun 17 6:30 PM
Friday Jun 23 6:30 PM
Saturday Jun 24 6:30 PM
Friday Jun 30 6:30 PM
Saturday Jul 01 6:30 PM
Friday Jul 07 6:30 PM
Saturday Jul 08 6:30 PM
Friday Jul 14 6:30 PM
Taylor Swift, Muna & Gracie Abrams Empower Field At Mile High, Denver, CO
Performers: Taylor Swift ·
Saturday Jul 15 6:30 PM
Taylor Swift, Muna & Gracie Abrams Empower Field At Mile High, Denver, CO
Performers: Taylor Swift ·
Saturday Jul 22 6:30 PM
Sunday Jul 23 6:30 PM
Friday Jul 28 6:30 PM
Saturday Jul 29 6:30 PM
Thursday Aug 03 6:30 PM
Friday Aug 04 6:30 PM
Saturday Aug 05 6:30 PM
Tuesday Aug 08 6:30 PM
Wednesday Aug 09 6:30 PM
Thursday Aug 24 TBA
Friday Aug 25 TBA
Saturday Aug 26 TBA
Thursday Nov 09 TBA
Taylor Swift & Sabrina Carpenter River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, BA
Performers: Taylor Swift ·
Friday Nov 10 TBA
Taylor Swift & Sabrina Carpenter River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, BA
Performers: Taylor Swift ·
Saturday Nov 18 TBA
Taylor Swift & Sabrina Carpenter Estadio Nilton Santos-Engenhao, Engenho de Dentro, RJ
Performers: Taylor Swift ·
Saturday Nov 25 TBA
Sunday Nov 26 TBA

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