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Background and History of Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves is a basketball team based in Minnesota. The Minnesota Timberwolves are part of the Western Conference Northwest Division in the NBA, and play home games at the Target Center

The Minnesota Timberwolves was founded back in 1989 by Marv Wolfenson and Harvey Ratner and their affiliate or farm team whose role is to give young players experience and improvement is Iowa Wolves. They have 2 retired jersey numbers of their best Timberwolves ever, those being player Mailk Sealy and coach Flip Saunders. This team has been part of the NBA for more than 30 years.   

Where can I buy Minnesota Timberwolves tickets?

The most secure way to get some precious Minnesota Timberwolves tickets is via the online tickets marketplace – gotStubs. 

Rivalries of Minnesota Timberwolves

Since the Minnesota Timberwolves are part of the NBA from 1989 they do not have many rivalries with other teams because they are fairly a new team in such an enormous history of the league. 

Still, one team that was in a way an NBA rival to the Timberwolves is the San Antonio Spurs because when Minnesota was eliminated from the NBA playoffs in seven consecutive years in the first round, the Spurs eliminated them twice, more than any other team that they played against. 

Other than the Spurs, there aren’t other teams that can be considered real rivals. Some teams that can be included in the category of rivals to a certain extent include the Oklahoma City Thunder, Denver Nuggets, Portland Trail Blazers, and even the Utah Jazz since all these teams are part of the Northwest Division in the Western Conference. 

How to find the best Minnesota Timberwolves seats?

The best seats at a Minnesota Timberwolves game are subjective as everybody has their own wishes, and of course, we cannot have the same tastes. However, the best seats are seen to be found right after the Minnesota Timberwolves tickets are available to the public to buy. So that’s why you should try and get hold of your cheap Minnesota Timberwolves tickets as soon as possible because when the venue isn’t entirely sold out, you’ll have the freedom and the greatest possibility to get the best chair per your taste. What is the best seat at a concert is a very subjective matter, am I not right – everyone has their personal preferences for the best seat?  

How much are Minnesota Timberwolves tickets?

As we have seen, the Minnesota Timberwolves tickets on the market can vary depending on whether the Minnesota Timberwolves are playing at home or away, and whether you are buying season or single Minnesota Timberwolves game tickets. Now, we should mention that Minnesota Timberwolves single game tickets can be found for every pocket size, starting from as low as 4 bucks per ticket and 106 bucks as an average paid ticket price. Also, Minnesota Timberwolves season tickets price can vary depending on which seat you will pick and what package you will choose.

How much are Minnesota Timberwolves playoff tickets?

Minnesota Timberwolves playoff tickets price can vary depending on which seats you buy and which team the Minnesota Timberwolves will play against. It is best to buy Minnesota Timberwolves playoff tickets right after they are released since playoff games are a lot more exciting and tickets sell out fast. 

Minnesota Timberwolves Records & Awards 

The Minnesota Timberwolves is a team that had some success and some amazing players, but they never managed to win anything significant or go deep into the playoffs. They have won one Division title back in 2004, and they have 2 retired numbers of Mailk Sealy and coach Flip Saunders.

Furthermore, the Timberwolves have two Basketball Hall of Famers, one of course being the amazing Kevin Garnett, and also legendary coach Rick Adelman. Also, even though not a title winning team yet, the ‘Wolves players have won most of the important individual NBA awards. Kevin Garnett was the league’s MVP back in 2004, and both Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. Also, Kevin Love was selected as the Most Improved Player in the league in 2011.

Minnesota Timberwolves Current Players and Coaches

The following coaches and players are part of the Minnesota Timberwolves team roster:

Head Coach

  • Chris Finch

Assistant Coaches

  • Kevin Burleson
  • Micah Nori
  • Pablo Prigioni
  • Kevin Hanson
  • Elston Turner


  • Karl-Anthony Towns
  • D’Angelo Russell
  • Jarred Vanderbilt
  • McKinley Wright
  • Anthony Edwards
  • Leandro Bolmano
  • Patrick Beverly
  • Malik Beasley
  • Naz Reid
  • Taurean Prince
  • Josh Okogie
  • Jaylen Nowell
  • Jordan McLaughlin
  • Jaden McDaniels
  • Jake Layman
  • Nathan Knight 

Fun Facts and Celebrity Fans of Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves courtside tickets are mainly bought by celebrity fans, and that is another reason why fans want to watch Timberwolves games since they can see some of the most famous people in the arena. 

One of the celebrity fans is former baseball shortstop and third baseman for the Seattle Mariners, the Texas Rangers, and the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez. He is now also one of the owners of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Other famous fans are performer Lil Jon, Bill Belichick who is the head coach of the New England Patriots, and Antonio Brown, the football wide receiver who last played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

An interesting and fun fact is that the Minnesota Timberwolves made the playoffs eight consecutive times from 1997 to 2004, but were never part of the NBA Finals. Also, they have a historical connection with the Los Angeles Lakers since the Lakers team was first set in Minneapolis from 1947 to 1960.

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