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Background and History of Memphis Grizzlies 

The Memphis Grizzlies is a basketball team based in Memphis. The Memphis Grizzlies are part of the Western Conference Southwest Division in the NBA, and play home games at the FedExForum

The Memphis Grizzlies was founded back in 1995 by Arthur Griffits and their affiliate or farm team whose role is to give young players experience and improvement is Memphis Hustle. They have one retired jersey number of one of their best players ever, Zach Randolph . This team has been part of the NB for more than 15 years.  

Where can I buy Memphis Grizzlies tickets?

The most secure way to get some precious Memphis Grizzlies tickets is via the online tickets marketplace – gotStubs. 

Rivalries of Memphis Grizzlies

Even though a fairly new team that does not have a large history in the NBA like most teams, the Grizzlies have three main rivals. The teams that are considered rivals are the San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Los Angeles Clippers.

As mentioned above, since they are not part of the NBA for many years like the Boston Celtics or the Los Angeles Lakers, the Memphis Grizzlies NBA team rivalry is based mainly on matchups in the playoffs. Also, with the Clippers it was even more interesting back in 2013 NBA Playoffs since Zach Randolph and Blake Griffin had to play against each other as some of the best power forwards in the game. 

How to find the best Memphis Grizzlies seats?

The best seats at a Memphis Grizzlies game are subjective as everybody has their own wishes, and of course, we cannot have the same tastes. However, the best seats are seen to be found right after the Memphis Grizzlies tickets are available to the public to buy. So that’s why you should try and get hold of your cheap Memphis Grizzlies tickets as soon as possible because when the venue isn’t entirely sold out, you’ll have the freedom and the greatest possibility to get the best chair per your taste. What is the best seat at a concert is a very subjective matter, am I not right – everyone has their personal preferences for the best seat?  

How much are Memphis Grizzlies tickets?

As we have seen, the Grizzlies tickets on the market can vary depending on whether the Memphis Grizzlies are playing at home or away, and whether you are buying season or single  Memphis Grizzlies game tickets. Now, we should mention that Memphis Grizzlies single game tickets can be found for every pocket size, starting from as low as 9 bucks per ticket and 144 bucks as an average paid ticket price. Also, Memphis Grizzlies season tickets price can vary depending on which seat you will pick and what package you will choose.

How much are Memphis Grizzlies playoff tickets?

Memphis Grizzlies playoff tickets price can vary depending on which seats you buy and which team the NBA Grizzlies will play against. It is best to buy Memphis Grizzlies playoff tickets right after they are released since playoff games are a lot more exciting and tickets sell out fast. 

Memphis Grizzlies Records & Awards 

Since the Memphis Grizzlies are not part of the NBA for a long time it is normal that they haven’t won an NBA championship or many awards.

Still, they do have two retired numbers, one is Zach Randolph, and the other one legendary broadcaster Don Poier. Also, they announced that in the future they will retire the jersey numbers of Marc Gasol, Tony Allen, and Mike Conley. 

Furthermore, the Grizzlies have two Hall of Famers, one is the amazing Allen Iverson and the other one is contributor and coach Hubie Brown. 

Memphis Grizzlies Current Players and Coaches

The following coaches and players are part of the Memphis Grizzlies team roster:

Head Coach

  • Taylor Jenkins

Assistant Coaches

  • Brad Jones
  • Blake Ahearn
  • David McClure
  • Scoonie Penn
  • Sonia Raman
  • Darko Rajakovic
  • Vitaly Potapenko


  • Ja Morant
  • Steven Adams
  • De’Anthony Melton
  • John Konchar
  • Tyus Jones
  • Jaren Jackson
  • Jarrett Culver
  • Brandon Clarke
  • Dillon Brooks
  • Desmond Bane
  • Kyle Anderson
  • Santi Aldama
  • Tyrell Terry
  • Yves Pons
  • Killian Tillie
  • Xavier Tillman
  • Ziaire Williams  

Fun Facts and Celebrity Fans of Memphis Grizzlies

Believe it or not it is neither Tristan Thompson or Andrew Wiggins who scored most points in a debut as a Canadian player, it is actually Dillon Brooks with 19 points. Also, another fun fact is that Grizzlies center Steven Adams is now the only player from New Zealand that plays in the NBA. 

It is also valuable to mention that part of the reason why Memphis Grizzlies tickets are in huge demand is because of the celebrity fans that can be seen courtside. Some of the most popular people that are fans of this team include Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake who are also minority owners of the Grizzlies.      

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