What to Take to A Concert: 10 Necessary Things

What to Take to A Concert: 10 Necessary Things

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You already have your concert list, you bought concert tickets for your favorite performers, but you still don’t know what to bring to a concert.

Don’t worry; we will list the ten must-haves for a live show you need to bring with you no matter where the concert is happening. Of course, some things to bring to a concert are obvious. However, we will address everything essential in order not to miss anything and give you an entire picture of what you should take with you.

Let’s begin our concert checklist about what to take to a concert.

What Things You Can Bring to A Concert: Checklist

Before we begin our concert checklist and list everything you should take to a concert, it’s valuable to mention one crucial thing – never forget your concert tickets!

Also, even though it’s much better to go to live concerts with a bunch of friends or your partner, remember that attending a live show of your favorite singer or band shouldn’t be missed just because you may need to go alone. If the person performing on stage is one of your favorites, it’s worth buying a ticket for their concert even if you have to go alone.

Let’s show you what to take to a concert each time you attend one.


It may seem irrelevant, but no matter if you are going to a Bruno Mars concert or a Metallica concert, you undoubtedly will need tissues at a certain point.

There are more reasons than you might think of, from cleaning your sneakers, getting something out of your eye, blowing your nose, and other things. Therefore, having a tiny pack of portable tissues is more beneficial than you think, especially during a summer outdoor concert when everything is dusty.

Also, if you are attending a lovely Elton John or Adele concert, odds are you might shed a tear or two. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you will still need a tissue.


What to wear to a concert is one of the most critical questions, especially if you are going to a live show with someone you really like and desire something to happen. 

Furthermore, even though it seems evident that clothes are necessary for what to bring to a concert, it’s often overlooked. You have to think about whether it will be cold, hot, rainy, windy, etc.

If you are thinking about what to wear to a concert in winter, it’s best to bring layers that you can always add, especially if it’s an outdoor concert. If it’s hot, still bring layers since you can always take them off. As for rainy live shows, it’s more than essential to bring a raincoat if you want to enjoy the concert. Otherwise, you will probably have to leave since if it’s pouring too much rain, it’s impossible to stand and watch the show for three hours.


Sneakers are the perfect choice for any show, no matter if you are going to concerts in California, where it’s primarily sunny, or to concerts in Wyoming, where it can get quite cold.

When it comes to what to bring to concert, sneakers are a must since you will have to stand for around three hours. And that’s only during the show, but it’s even more since it takes time to get there and also after the concert ends. Nothing is worse than not wearing sneakers and having to sit down in the mud or on a dirty venue floor because your legs hurt so badly that you must sit down.

In addition, sneakers give you the advantage of being able to dance, move, and have fun grooving without feeling pain in your feet. If you want a fun concert experience, don’t ever take high heels or shoes since your feet will hurt you so badly.

A Lighter

Another obvious one when it comes to what to bring to a concert but also often overlooked is lighter. And not just if you are a smoker, since it’s also great to have a lighter when the performer starts to sing their best love songs and everyone in the audience starts turning on their lighter to create a beautiful atmosphere.

This often happens at Ed Sheeran concerts or Taylor Swift shows since they have excellent romantic and love songs. Of course, the audience often does the similar thing of turning the light on their camera phone, but it’s simply not the same feeling.

Just be careful not to burn your fingers from holding the lighter up for long.

A Hair Tie

Whether you are thinking about what to wear to a rap concert or what to wear to a country concert, one thing is for all concerts – a hair tie.

It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man since it comes in handy in every situation. If your hair is long, it will be for you, and if it’s not, you can help someone else. Of course, the person who will ask for one will probably explain why they forgot it, but hey, live concerts are also for making new friends or finding the love of your life, and a hair tie might be the turning point.

In addition, a hair tie is also fantastic for making an 80s-style T-shirt buckle, wrapping money around your license and credit cards to keep them in one place, or even for creating a hair tie mask with a bandana if you still are insecure about Covid-19.

Cash and Card

No matter if you are going to a concert of a massive A-list band like The Rolling Stones or to a local band’s concert such as Guster, always take both cash and a card.


Because there are still concert venues and music festivals that don’t take cards, having some cash with you is a smart move. Also, cash is much more suitable if you want to buy a T-shirt of the band that doesn’t cost a lot of money or their new studio album in a vinyl edition, which is once again popular.


At first glance, you are probably thinking, why are quarters on this list of what to bring to a concert if we already mentioned cash and cards? Because cash, but especially a credit card, won’t do the trick when it comes to pinball machines, pool tables, darts, and other video games that live concerts and music festivals activities have more and more in their programs.

Of course, if you are going to a Depeche Mode live concert, for instance, your main goal is to enjoy the show, but why not have even more fun by attending some other activities with your best friends?

Also, spare change can always come in handy at a live concert, even if you are buying a beer, playing a game, or purchasing a T-shirt from your favorite performer.

A Bag

Another crucial thing on what to bring to a concert list is a bag since it’s the most suitable thing for carrying everything you need. However, it’s valuable to mention that you should first read the venue’s policy to see whether a bag isn’t allowed inside. 

It’s also important when it comes to what to wear to an outdoor concert since, in the last few years, stadiums have a clear bag policy, which slowly became a thing regarding arenas as well. 

If a clear bag isn’t required, you should undoubtedly carry a bag, or you can make things easier by carrying an over-the-shoulder purse or a fanny pack. The primary reason is that you will be able to carry all the necessary things you need but also be able to dance, jump, and keep yourself hands-free throughout the concert.

The most important reason for carrying a bag is to keep all your things safe in one place.

Your Smartphone

To be honest, a piece of better advice would be not to take your smartphone since being one of those people who take pictures and record videos all the time during the concert and not enjoying it became a terrible habit.

However, it’s better to take it with you since you might need it for personal or professional reasons and make the balance of not using it during the show to take many pics since the goal is to enjoy the experience with your own eyes.

Of course, taking some images with your friends or partner is nice, but ensure to focus mainly on the show. For example, it would be a bad idea to watch a Coldplay concert on a smartphone while in the audience since there’s nothing better than enjoying it at the moment by putting your phone away.

Your Concert Tickets

Once again, don’t forget your concert tickets!

Did you ever go to a live concert and realize you forgot the tickets? Even worse, did you ever go to a show and realize you forgot your and all your friends’ tickets? That would be a bummer, wouldn’t it?

To avoid such horrible experiences, make sure to check whether you took the tickets for the concert before you meet with your friends or your partner since missing a concert because you forgot them would be truly disappointing. Even if you have all the other nine things ready, this won’t mean a thing if you forget the ticket for the show, so make sure to pack them first!

Now you know what to bring to a concert, and whether you are going to a series of concerts in Nevada or a concert in Alaska, make sure to bring these ten things to any concert you attend!

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