Top 5 Performing Artists of the New Generation You Should See Live

Top 5 Performing Artists of the New Generation You Should See Live


Live concerts are one of the best types of entertainment you can ever experience.

It’s a chance to have fun with your friends, family, or even go alone if no one wants to keep you company because live performances are the best way to enjoy the music you so much love, from your favorite singers. You will hear a lot of people say that they met the love of their life at a live concert, listening to their favorite song at the same time. Isn’t it incredible?

There are constantly new artists rising up in the music business, and here we will see the top 5 performing artists of the new generation you should see live immediately. These performers are so hugely popular that you should buy some concert tickets as quickly as you can because it is often the case that tickets sell out really fast, sometimes in a couple of minutes, believe it or not. So whether it is for some John Legend tickets to have a more relaxed atmosphere experience or Justin Bieber tickets for a fun and upbeat concert, it doesn’t matter; people love to go to concerts and have fun.

Let’s get into it.

John Legend

His second name says it all. John Legend is truly a living legend already. One of the best reasons you should buy John Legend concert tickets is because he gives incredible live performances. He is one of the best musicians today all around the world. He is so popular because he is a great piano player and has a unique music style, which is a mix of soul music and R&B. 

His concerts are filled with a lot of his music ballads, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t exciting, since no one can stay calm after this man starts to sing with his incredible voice. You will never be disappointed when buying John Legend tickets. He also plays the piano while singing, and the atmosphere is romantic, relaxing, and fun. Some of his best hits, like “All Of You,” set the audience on fire. 

John Legend tickets are not very expensive considering the experience and memories that you will gather from his concert. The following John Legend tickets dates for his tour are coming up in September this year. There are several upcoming live concerts, and the first chance to watch him live is September 1. You should buy the best John Legend tickets as soon as you can because there is no time to wait. Every concert is a unique opportunity. You can also purchase some VIP packages with VIP Meet & Greet tour tickets if you want to go a step further, and meet him in person, have a chat, or take a photograph with your idol. 


We all constantly barely wait for the next Elvis Presley or the next Tina Turner. When someone similar shows up, and all the mainstream media starts to present them in that fashion, it usually doesn’t end up as expected. That is why it is maybe better to just wait for the next best musician of a new generation that is unique and doesn’t copy anyone. Fortunately, there are some who fulfill this category, and one of them is the American by the art name Phora, or as his full name is, Marco Anthony Archer, is one of the best rappers of the new generation of musicians and singers. 

He is very popular among the younger generations because of his creative style, gut-wrenching lyrics, and talent to understand and connect with the audience and fans. His live concerts are extremely engaging with the fans, and he loves to stand right in front of the first row of the audience to sing the songs together with the crowd. He is also a marketing talent since he started out with making his own record label back in 2011 named Yours Truly, before signing a deal with the major record label Warner Bros Records in 2017. 

Starting September 1, you will have the chance to experience his live show because there are upcoming tour concert dates also on September 8th, 11th, etc. A lot of times, people say how they saw the next legendary singer or artist live, even before the whole world heard about them. Phora is very popular but still an emerging artist, so hurry up to buy Phora tickets and have the chance to be one of the first people to witness this extraordinary talent.

Kane Brown

Kane Allen Brown was first noticed through social media back in 2015 when he covered George Strait’s song titled “Check Yes or No” and received more than seven million views worldwide. From that moment he became more and more popular among the new generations. He is mainly labeled as a Pop-Country music artist with some R&B music involved. 

His concerts usually last around an hour and a half, so there is enough time to enjoy and listen to all the best music hits that this singer has, such as “American Bad Dream,” “Used to Love You Sober,” “Lose It,” among many others. He also likes to engage with the audience, and that is another reason why it is good to buy Kane Brown tickets for some of the first rows near the stage. And the great news is that he is on tour now with upcoming tour dates on September 2 in North Charleston Coliseum, September 3 in Greensboro, and if you can’t go this month, don’t worry; he also has concert dates in October. 

Billie Eilish

If you want to try something different or have a new type of concert experience that you have never seen before or will never erase from your mind, Billie Eilish is the best choice that you can pick. The act of buying Billie Eilish tickets is a door opener to a different and unique potential memory that you will never want to forget. She is immensely popular because of her authentic music style, being not only a music performer but also a songwriter. She easily creates a live atmospheric listening experience since she has a natural soprano voice that sits above the female pop alto voice. 

Billie Eilish is definitely one of a kind. She has an authentic public persona and lately is very active in animal rights and mental health campaigns. Something that made her even more popular among the younger audience is her interesting clothing style, or is it better to say her fashion style consisted of oversized and baggy clothing. 

Through her live concerts, she proved that she is a once-in-a-generation music talent. Her fans sing her songs with her from the audience all the time through the concert, people dance to her best hits, and you will enjoy a fun-loving atmosphere at her shows. Suppose you haven’t had this experience yet. In that case, the good news is that she has some upcoming concert dates on September 17 on Life is Beautiful Festival with Green Day and Tame Impala, also September 24. Still, if you can’t catch a concert now, there is another chance on October 1 for the Austin City Limits Festival.  

Justin Bieber

There is almost nothing in common between John Legend and Justin Bieber; the only thing that connects them is that if John Legend tickets are selling out fast, it is the same with Bieber. He became the first singer ever to have seven songs from a debut album chart on the famous Billboard Hot 100. Justin Bieber is a worldwide pop icon; he became famous in his early teens, practically as a child, and rose to an icon as a singer and a musician and an all-around pop music phenomenon. His concerts became bigger and more prominent throughout the years, finally becoming a stadium concert attraction. 

The younger generations literally adore this musician. His concerts are a show of its own kind. Almost every person that has been to his concerts has never regretted buying Justin Bieber tickets not only because of his great singing voice, but also because of his dancing, his dancers on stage that perform with him and around him, loud fans singing all the time, and his interaction with the audience. 

There are not a lot of upcoming tour concerts this month, but on the other hand, this is a great thing because tickets sell out fast for his live performances, so you will have the chance to buy tickets now before it is too late. He has more than 50 concert dates for his upcoming tour in 2022 in Canada, the United States, and Brazil. So don’t waste any more time and start buying tickets for his first upcoming concert on February 18 because the place will be sold out before you know it. 


You are indeed motivated to go to a live concert right at this moment. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic made all of us wanting and desperately waiting for the next chance to enjoy a live concert performance. And one thing that we all learned is that every chance must be seized. There are no exceptions.

So, these are some of the best or top 5 performing musicians and artists from the new generation to see live. No matter if some of them are older or younger than the others, it is a fact that Generation Z loves these performers. If you want to buy some John Legend tickets for a more relaxed and romantic live show, or Kane Brown tickets to hear a mix of pop and country this year, you must hurry up because tickets don’t last long when these musicians announce their newest tour. 

You can remember right now of all the times you didn’t go to a concert because of some unimportant reason, and you regret that moment to this very day.

So don’t waste any more time, pick a singer for your next live concert experience, and try to have the time of your life and create beautiful memories.

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