Top 5 All-Time Favorite Grammy Performances

Top 5 All-Time Favorite Grammy Performances


If there is one thing that is missed by many people all across the globe because of the COVID-19 pandemic and this once-in-a-lifetime situation, it is live concert performances. The good news is that after almost two years of listening to music only on online platforms and imagining in our minds a live concert, we have the chance again to go to live events. 

Fun times are finally back on the menu. And this is the moment to go to any possible concert since we don’t know what the future will bring and whether or not we will find ourselves in a new lockdown marathon.

Tickets for live events have been in huge demand since many artists announced their next tour concerts. Many October 2021 events are being announced every day, and for some artists, these concerts will mean a comeback after not singing live for quite a while. Both performers and music lovers are extremely excited. Live events tickets were many people’s wish during all the quarantines and lockdowns, and even though we couldn’t see our favorite singers live, we had the chance to watch one of the best musical award shows, which are the Grammys. 

The Grammys, or their original name is The Grammy Awards, were originally called the Gramophone Award, which was first presented 62 years ago, back in 1959. The Recording Academy presents the award with the idea to give recognition to the best performers from the music industry every year. The trophy, of course, is a gilded gramophone, and there are many different music categories.

The Grammys are considered one of the four major entertainment awards held every year, the other three being the Academy Awards, the Tony Awards, and the Emmy Awards. And this annual award show is definitely an amazing experience. It is filled with many great singing and dancing performances every year, which is why we will see the best Grammy performances of all time. Many fans are motivated to purchase live events tickets after seeing a Grammy performance since musicians and singers are greatly motivated to perform at the highest level when appearing on the Grammy stage, knowing millions of people will watch them. 

But before we get into the top five list, and since not every artist’s Grammy performance can be considered to be on it, it is fair to see several Grammy performances worth mentioning. So let’s get right into it, and then we will see the top five list.

Justin Bieber at the 2016 Grammys

Bieber’s performance at the 2016 Grammy awards was an iconic one, and since people know what Justin Bieber is capable of musically, nobody expected anything less. However, for this occasion, Bieber decided to wear a leopard-print bomber and a baseball cap that made the stage appearance cool, and he gave one of his most soulful performances ever since the beginning of his career.

Justin made a medley of two-hit songs in an acoustic version, and the songs he performed were “Where Are You Now” and “Love Yourself.” This year at the 58th annual Grammy Awards, he also won the Best Dance/Electronic Record award for “Where Are You Now.” This song was a collaboration with Jack U, which is a duo consisting of Diplo and Skrillex. It was a night when Bieber silenced all of his haters and people that constantly said he was not as good as everyone said and used this chance to prove everyone wrong. He wasn’t going to leave the stage with anything less. Justin showed that he deserved to win the award, and in the years following this live performance, he won many more Grammy awards. 

Billie Eilish “Everything I Wanted” 2021 

If there is a singer that fans love to see and listen to live and desperately have the need to buy some live events tickets for her concert, it is Billie Eilish. She is the main star of the new generation, and she intends to become better and better. We are constantly surprised by many Billie Eilish performances, and the 2021 Grammys were no exception. She performed after Harry Styles and along with her brother Finneas who is also the co-writer of “Everything I Wanted.” Eilish had four nominations and won the Record of the Year award, and to be honest, nobody can deny her unbelievable success in the music industry. It is well deserved. 

Her performance was out-of-the-box as always, and this time Eilish decided to perform “Everything I Wanted” on top of a car. Yes, you read that right; she is full of surprises all the time. Eilish also had a headdress of jewels because her fashion style is extremely authentic. Her brother joined her while playing on a keyboard, and together they made a duet that is one for the ages. This 2021 Grammy performance was, in a way, a musical seal to everything that she did previously and a sign that she will continue to impress fans every time she takes the stage.

John Legend and Mavis Staples 2005 Grammys

Fans worldwide love John Legend performances because his mix of piano playing and singing abilities is a perfect match for a live performance. It was the same back in 2005 when John Legend made his Grammy stage debut appearance at the 47th Grammys performing “I’ll Take You There” along with the help of Mavis Staples.

Legend is literally a legend in the music industry without a doubt, and this performance alongside rhythm and blues and gospel singer Mavis is one that will warm your heart. When these two singing geniuses sing together, every single person that is listening to them gets an instant motivation to purchase live events tickets and enjoy moments like these because they are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Here you had the chance to see three Grammy performances that definitely deserve to be mentioned. It is a fair mix of musicians from three different musical generations and various styles of performing on stage. And they are all pretty amazing. Now, let’s go deeper and see the top five Grammy performances of all time. In the beginning, we will go back to 2001 with a duet that will positively surprise you for sure. It doesn’t get more surprising than this: 

Elton John and Eminem 2001 Grammys

We all have seen the most strange and surprising musical duets over the years. Still, there probably isn’t a single person in the entire universe that would even imagine Elton John and Eminem performing together on a stage. But the advantage here is that Sir Elton is known as one of the best duet musicians ever. This time Eminem’s hit song “Stan” was on the menu, and Elton is such a great singer that it doesn’t make a difference to him whether it is a rap song or anything else. He is great at everything when it comes to performing live. 

This song was featured on “The Marshall Mathers LP,” which was Eminem’s 2000 studio album. Originally, it was the third single from the album performed with Dido’s amazing and interesting voice. It was amazing to see Elton playing the keyboards and singing while dressed in one of his iconic colorful suits, while Eminem was rapping while sitting on a bed. Usually, live TV performances are not very long, no matter whether it is the Grammys or any other TV awards show. But here it didn’t matter that it was a six minutes long performance because the king of rap music and the king of pop music were sharing the stage. Every time Sir Elton makes a duet with somebody, fans know it will be the next most popular live performance for a long period of time.

Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar 2014 Grammys

rock band performing live

The demanding rate for Imagine Dragons tickets skyrocketed after they released their best and most popular song titled “Radioactive.” This song received two Grammy award nominations at the 2014 Grammys for Record of the Year and Best Rock Performance. Luckily for them, they won the second nomination that year. But that was not all that happened at the 2014 Grammy Awards. There was also a Imagine Dragons Kendrick Lamar Grammy performance because they already released a remix of the song together, which was later released on iTunes.

It is a little bit of an underrated Grammy performance, but many fans constantly comment online about how this is one of the best live Grammy performances ever. And they are right; it is an amazing mix of musicians that have an interesting music vibe when performing together. The 56th Grammys were a stage debut for Imagine Dragons. They performed “Radioactive” together with Kendrick Lamar and made an extremely explosive mash-up with this song and Lamar’s “MAAD City.” One of the biggest advantages that define great musicians and divide them from all the others is that they can mix various music genres and make it look easy. This is what these performers most certainly did at the 2014 Grammys.

Lady Gaga In 2011 With “Born This Way”

If you go back and find an article or a Gaga interview from 2011, you will see that she is the real deal, and there was no possible way she would not become the music pop icon she is today. If there is one thing that you will hear people say about her, Lady Gaga knows how to shock the world. Something like this also happened at the 2011 Grammys when she appeared on the red carpet with an iridescent egg and decided to come towards the stage in an in-shell. You are probably not completely surprised since her fashion style goes from something like this to a meat dress.

But anyway, this is her best Grammy performance and one of the best ever. At the 2011 Grammys, Gaga performed “Born This Way,” which was a mega-hit song, and as always, there was beautiful choreography while many barefoot dancers surrounded her. The public opinion is that Gaga is somewhat similar to what Madonna was back in her primetime as a live pop performer, and this is a fair comparison, even a compliment maybe. But it is a fact that Lady Gaga has her own authentic music style, and along with her dancing abilities, she once again made an amazing performance at the 2011 Grammys. As people would say, Gaga will be Gaga, and she will always find a way to impress or at least shock every person in the audience. 

Bruno Mars and Cardi B in 2018 Grammys

Yet another amazing performer that in a way, made his style authentic in the music world is Bruno Mars, who is also a global superstar. At the 2018 Grammys, he performed alongside Cardi B, and together they were a surprising iconic duo. They decided to make an interesting music history lesson by making a stage appearance as they were dressed as mid-90’s pop stars who looked like they just came out from a pop boy band. It was somewhat similar to the music video for the music hit “Finesse,” but nevertheless, it is still one of the best live performances at the annual Grammy awards. 

Bruno and Cardi B performed the song “Finesse” from his third studio album titled “24K Magic,” which was released in 2016. And even though he had to fight against Childish Gambino’s “Awaken My Love!” and Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN,” Mars managed to win arguably the most important Grammy Awards, which are Record of the Year and Album of the Year. Bruno is known for having funk music on his menu and has some catchy dance moves, but at the 2018 Grammys, everything seemed even more amazing when he matched his performing qualities with Cardi. Their hip-hop beats and dancing movies, while dressed as 90’s pop musicians, created a performance that has millions of views online and definitely heated up the building at the Grammys. 

Carrie Underwood 2013 Grammys Performance

Having sold more than 70 million record copies all across the globe, Carrie Underwood probably didn’t have a clue that after winning the fourth American Idol singing contest in 2005, she would become such an icon in the country music scene. In 2013 at the 55th annual Grammy Awards, she won the Best Country Solo Performance for her song “Blown Away.” Underwood also performed at the Grammy awards in 2013, singing two of her best songs; one was the award-winning “Blown Away,” and the other was “Two Black Cadillacs” from the same studio album.

Everyone forgot about the awards because she made an even more mesmerizing stage performance appearing in a dress that became a digital screen where many images flashed on Carrie’s dress while she was performing both hit songs. Not being modest, she also had some round diamonds and other jewels worth more than $31 million designed by the famous designer Johnathon Arndt. Of course, this also raised some attention considering the amount of money that was spent for a two-song performance. Underwood also had a necklace that had 381 carats of oval, fabulous white diamonds, marquis, and a pear. Nevertheless, Carrie made a stunning live performance that makes people search for live events tickets to have the opportunity to witness such iconic performances. She definitely put herself on the music map once again. 

To Sum It All Up 

There you have it; we came to the end of this list. And as you can see, no matter what people may say about the annual Grammy Awards, there is no possible way to deny the fact that some of the best live performances happen at that stage every single year. These are the top five Grammy performances and also some other mentions from different music generations. Of course, the award nominations and the award-winning categories are valuable. Still, the live performances make the show exciting and one of the most famous annual awards in the music business industry.

The good thing is that even if you weren’t born or didn’t have the chance to see some of these performances, now you have the opportunity to take a look back at music history and see some of them on YouTube or any other music platform. Or even better, why listen to these amazing musicians online, when you can find some live events tickets for their next touring dates and have the chance to party and enjoy their best music hits while listening to them performing live.

Many incredible musicians and singers with the most amazing voices are going on tour right now. From the legendary Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, and Pearl Jam to Jason Mraz and musicians from Generation Z like Phora and Billie Eilish, they are all preparing to rock the stage all across the world.

Don’t forget that the pandemic situation is still not fully under control as we want it to be, so purchase some tickets as soon as possible and don’t miss the chance to go to a live concert. Make a move and create some of the most wonderful memories that will stay with you forever.

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