Top 10 Michigan Music Festivals in 2023

Top 10 Michigan Music Festivals in 2023


If you are a music festival lover and want to discover the most exciting Michigan music festivals in 2023, you undoubtedly have come to the right place.

Wonder why?

Because in this article, we’ll point out the most entertaining music festivals in Michigan in 2023 that will boost your spirit and keep you dancing with thousands of people!

It may be surprising, but the Great Lake State is where many fantastic music festivals happen yearly, and it will be similar in 2023. It’s a beautiful place to see some of the best musicians on stage, experience different music genres, and have fun with people who also love music festivals.

Let’s see the top ten Michigan music festivals in 2023 immediately.

Music Festivals In Michigan

Before addressing the biggest festivals in Michigan, it’s valuable to mention that the Great Lake State offers music festivals from various genres, which allows you to enjoy different types of singers and bands.

Festivals in Michigan today are better than ever, with excellent organization, bringing A-list performers, and welcoming thousands of music festival goers annually.

Michigan is one of the best states regarding music festivals, so let’s start with the list.

Gridlife Midwest

Regarding EDM Michigan, Gridlife Midwest is the place to be since it provides a festival experience at high speed.

This music festival is about merging various automotive cultures and bringing people together for three days of motorsports and music. That’s why Gridlife is unique and isn’t an average music festival since every day is filled with car racing and nights with electronic dance music.

Gridlife will happen from June 2-4 in South Haven, and luckily for you, the 2023 lineup is already known. It includes musicians such as Subtronics, Sullivan King, Wooli, and others.

Electric Forest 2023

One of the festivals in Michigan today that is considered one of the best festivals in the USA is the Electric Forest Festival.

The primary reason is the legendary Sherwood Forest, adored by music festival goers all across the globe, which also sets the backdrop for the Electric Forest music festival. This exciting event has grown into a full-on destination festival, and at night, the forest becomes alive with art, lights, and the beautiful creativity of the many fans. If you want to experience this unique Michigan music festival in 2023, now is the perfect time to purchase Electric Forest tickets since they sell out quickly.

The 2023 edition will happen from June 22-25, and the Electric Forest lineup includes musicians such as:

If you are a festival enthusiast, this Michigan music festival in the woods is perfect for experiencing something unique.


An event that’s become one of the biggest festivals in Michigan recently is CannaBash. It’s the first legal consumption event of its kind in the west side of the Great Lake State, and it was founded in celebration of adult-use legalization.

Along with the legalization in 2018, Michigan made a temporary event license, which meant allowance for public consumption of cannabis at events such as live concerts, festivals, and large gatherings. The thing that shows how famous this festival has become was the 2022 edition, when over 7,500 people were part of this festival to enjoy more than 50 licensed cannabis brands.

The 2023 CannaBash lineup is also exciting, and it includes the following musicians:

It will happen on July 8 in Muskegon, so if you like to see these musicians on stage, you better be there!

Upheaval Festival 2023

Upheaval Festival is a two-day rock music festival that will take place in Grand Rapids from July 14-15, 2023.

If you love rock, metal, and alternative rock music, the Upheaval festival is the place to be in 2023 since this music festival brings some of the most exciting rock bands to perform in front of thousands of people for two days.

It’s fair to state that Michigan music festivals wouldn’t be as famous across the globe if it weren’t for this event in the Great Lake State. Luckily for you, the 2023 lineup of Upheaval is already known, and some of the bands that will hit the stage to perform include:

Faster Horses 2023

Faster Horses is a Michigan country music festival that’s the party of the summer in Brooklyn. If you attend this music festival, you will enjoy three days of country music and camping.

Faster Horses tickets are already on sale, and the event will happen from July 14-16. Considering how many A-list country musicians, singers, and bands will hit the stages at this music festival, you better hurry up and buy tickets right away since they will be sold out in a few days.

The Faster Horses Festival has welcomed country music fans and musicians for ten years, so celebrating this beautiful occasion in this 2023 edition will be even more unique. The Faster Horses lineup is also exciting, and it includes the following musical acts:

This country music festival Michigan is a must-see if you love the country music scene!

Beaver Island Music Festival

Beaver Island Michigan promotes the tradition and variety of all art and music.

The organizers of this entertaining music festival desire to make opportunities for all artists, make the festival an educational event and genuinely encourage family and community involvement in an outdoor environment with a mix of artwork, music, nature, and renewable energies.

Regarding music genres, you will be able to enjoy genres such as rock, Americana, and everything in between. The 2023 event will happen from July 20-22, of course, at Beaver Island, which makes the festival even more unique.

In addition, the 2023 lineup is already announced and includes musicians like the following:

Hoxeyville Music Festival

Another festival that undoubtedly deserves a spot on this Michigan music festivals list is the Hoxeyville Festival.

This peaceful music festival happens in the gentle north country of Michigan, more precisely in Wellston. Surrounded by the beautiful Manistee National Forest, it is a premier roots music, bluegrass, and Americana music festival in Michigan and beyond. This family-friendly festival also provides kid’s programming, camping, and various outdoor activities in between performances, including a new partnership with local cannabis dispensaries.

The 2023 Hoxeyville will happen from August 18-20, and this year’s lineup includes the following musicians and bands:

Breakaway Festival

Breakaway Music Festival is the fastest-growing multi-city festival with events in Michigan, OhioBoston, Kansas City, the Carolinas, etc.

Although not only part of the Michigan music festivals, Breakaway is the leading dance, hip-hop, and pop music festival series in the United States, hosting more than 100,000 young professionals and college students each year. In addition, this music festival is touring more than 30 college campuses across the country and activating more than 1200 college student ambassadors.

The Michigan edition in 2023 will happen in Grand Rapids from August 18-19. This year’s Breakaway Music Festival lineup is still unknown since it’s too early. However, some of the musicians that had the privilege of performing at this music festival in past years include the following:

Detroit Jazz Festival

This list of Michigan music festivals wouldn’t be complete without the Detroit Jazz Festival since its foundation has been celebrating Detroit’s rich history of jazz music for more than 40 years. Detroit Jazz is one of the biggest free jazz festivals over Labor Day weekend, with various A-list jazz musicians performing for the fans.

The reason this music festival is free is that various sponsors, philanthropic organizations, and individuals donate to make it happen. In addition, volunteers help make it all happen at the highest level, so you can enjoy the improvisation of rising stars, homecoming musicians, and jazz legends.

Unfortunately, this year’s Detroit Jazz Festival lineup is still unknown, but it’s understandable since it’s still early because it happens from September 1-4, 2023, in Detroit.

Wheatland Music Festival

Founded in 1974, the Wheatland Festival has been hosting thousands of adults and kids yearly on a 160-acre site to enjoy various traditional arts.

All attendees can participate in dances, demonstrations, workshops, impromptu jam sessions, as well as juried arts, crafts, food, and stage performances. The mission of this highly entertaining music festival is to serve as a resource center for the preservation of traditional arts and music. Every year, more than 200 traditional artists from the USA participate in various community education programs offered at WMO Grounds, senior centers, and schools.

The 2023 lineup is still unknown since this year’s edition will happen from September 8-10, so it’s still early for the announcement. The event happens in Remus, Michigan, and it’s one of the rare music festivals that focuses on keeping traditional arts alive.

There you have it, the top ten Michigan music festivals you should go to in 2023 and have a lot of fun with thousands of people. There are many concerts in Michigan in the coming months, so you can attend as many live performances as you want.

We wish you the best of luck, and make sure to have a tremendous time at these Michigan music festivals in 2023!

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