Top 10 Fun Facts about Pop Music You Don’t Know

Top 10 Fun Facts about Pop Music You Don’t Know


You probably think you know all the facts about pop singers, even their deepest secrets. And that’s logical, considering today’s social media platforms, online music magazines, Wikipedia, and all other websites that bomb you with unnecessary information.

But what about fun facts about pop music stars? What about interesting things that are both entertaining and unknown as much as they should be?

If you want to discover such fun information, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will address the top ten fun facts about pop singers you don’t know, and who knows, you’ll maybe find out something new about your favorite pop singer.

Let’s begin.

There’s A Fly Named After Beyoncé

Don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with your eyes; you read that right. Even though there are many, this is one of the most interesting Beyoncé fun facts.

There indeed is a fly named after Beyonce, whose name is Scaptia beyonceae. It is a species of a horse fly, initially found in 1981 in the Atherton Tablelands in northeast Queensland in Australia. Still, even though it was discovered in 1981, this fly didn’t have a scientific description until 2011, and it finally got its official name after Queen Bey.

But why after Beyoncé? 

If you see the image below, everything will be clear. It has a striking golden tip to its abdomen and golden hairs, which gave the inspiration for its name. Also, other than the specimen from 1981, it has been collected two additional times. In all three cases, the specimens were female.

Regarding fun facts about celebrities, this is probably the most interesting one ever.

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Chris Martin Has Degrees in Greek and Latin

When it comes to facts about pop singers, this one is both fun and important since it shows that musicians don’t always have to be high-school dropouts, and they aren’t. 

The lead singer of Coldplay found his passion for music as a student at the pre-preparatory Hylton School and the preparatory Exeter Cathedral School. After this, Chris met the future manager of Coldplay, Phil Harvey, at the Sherborne School in Dorset. 

But this wasn’t the end of his education since Chris went to the University College London and graduated with first-class honors in both Greek and Latin.

Taylor Swift Has Broken 98 Guinness World Records

That is so far since Taylor Swift will most certainly break a lot more Guinness World Records. What’s even more fascinating is that 74 of them still remain unbroken, and she broke her own record 13 times.

This fact isn’t just impressive regarding her music career; it’s also one of the most incredible music facts ever.

It would take hours to read all of them, but some of the most recent and important ones from 2022 include the following:

  • Most No.1s on the Billboard Streaming Songs Chart By A Female
  • Most Streamed Female Act on Spotify
  • Most US No.1 Albums by a Female Artist
  • Most Number Ones on the US Digital Songs Sales Chart
  • Most Simultaneous No.1 debuts on the Billboard Hot 100 and 200
  • Most Weeks at Number One on the Billboard Artists 100
  • Most Simultaneous Top 20 entries on the US Digital Songs Sales Chart

We will probably wait decades before another pop singer breaks so many Guinness World Records in such a short time, so when it comes to Taylor Swift fun facts, it’s evident that she increases the list continuously.

Carrie Underwood Gave Her Number To American Idol Winners

As you probably already know, Carrie Underwood became part of the music industry by winning the famous talent show American Idol. 

She has had a fantastic career, but since she is a kindhearted woman, Carrie used to give her number to other American Idol winners to help them become successful singers. However, believe it or not, most of these American Idol winners didn’t even call her, which is unimaginable considering how much she could help them, maybe not in terms of connections, but at least with their singing, stage performing, confidence, etc.

When it comes to both unbelievable and interesting facts about musicians, this is one of the top ones since why wouldn’t a young singing talent call Underwood for help? That’s like being a basketball player who has Jordan’s number but refuses to ask for advice.

J-Lo’s Mom Won $2.4 Million on A Slot Machine

Some people have enormous luck even regarding money, and that’s the case with the pop diva Jennifer Lopez, whose mom won $2.4 million on a slot machine.

Guadalupe Rodriguez, J-Lo’s mother, won this crazy amount of money in 2004 at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. It’s important to note that this shouldn’t motivate you to gamble since this happens extremely rarely and often to people who already have a lot of money, so they can’t lose even when they lose.

Lopez wasn’t with Guadalupe that day, but she did get a call from her happy mother that evening. Also, J-Lo is not a gambler, but evidently, she doesn’t have to be since her mom did all the work.

Before Releasing Her Debut CD, Jessie J Wrote 600 Tracks

Yet another one of the many pop music facts that mustn’t be forgotten is that Jessie J wrote 600 tracks before the release of her debut CD. 

Why is this one of the most critical facts about pop singers?

Because over a period of 7 years, she wrote 600 tracks, which shows her talent and drive to become successful in the music business, and only 13 of such a plethora of songs found their place on an actual album.

That’s a perfect synonym for dedication, professionalism, and hard work. So, if you are a struggling artist, don’t give up and keep pushing until you make it since many people have talent, but only a few of them have the will to keep going.

Have You Seen Perry’s I Kissed A Girl? Kesha’s In It

Yes, you read that right, Kesha appears in the music video for I Kissed I Girl by Katy Perry. The primary reason why no one knew about it back then is because Kesha wasn’t famous as she is today.

This Kesha Katy Perry collaboration is probably the most fascinating one since no one could predict that a woman who you can see in the video only if you watch closely would become such a music star in the future.

Nevertheless, Kesha did become famous, and today she has four studio albums.

The Beatles Still Hold the Record for Best-Selling Music Artists

It seems unbelievable, considering that The Beatles haven’t been active since 1970. On the other hand, it’s not surprising at all because, well… it’s The Beatles.

The Liverpool music legends became famous all over the globe, and women were literally fainting and crying every time they saw them perform, which hadn’t happened with any other musician or band of any genre. Beatlemania, in some way, is still alive today since Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still performing.

The Beatles hold the record with 290.4 million total certified units from available markets and claimed sales of around 600 million. And that’s only according to official records; who knows how many more illegal sales of their songs have been made in the course of the last five decades.

Rihanna’s Legs Were Once Insured for 1 Million Dollars

Talk about facts about pop singers that are both fun yet bizarre – Gillette Venus insured Rihanna’s legs for £800,000 or 1 million dollars in 2007.

Rihanna became the 2nd honoree of the Celebrity Legs of a Goddess award, and to protect her assets, whatever that means, her legs were insured for an incredible 1 million dollars. This is definitely one of the most exciting Rihanna fun facts since not many singers can say their legs are insured for such a huge amount of money.

Many bizarre and fun stories circle the world of entertainment, but this is undoubtedly one of the most shocking pop music fun facts.

Christina Aguilera Is the Youngest on the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time List

The prestigious Rolling Stone magazine made a list of 100 greatest singers of all time back in 2008 where 179 music experts had to make a list of the 100 best singers ever. At number 58, you’ll see the fantastic Christina Aguilera, which isn’t surprising since she has one of the best singing voices in the pop music industry.

However, it is surprising that Aguilera was the youngest performer on this list of many musical legends since she was less than 30 years of age when the announcement was made. She is still one of the best singers of all time, not just in pop music but one of the best singers to ever hit the stage in music history.

Final Words

Here you had the chance to read facts about pop singers that are interesting, exciting, and some of them even bizarre. Be as it may, one thing is for sure; these pop singers are highly successful in their careers aside from the many news that circle around them on the internet daily.

We hope you found something new about your favorite pop singer, and we wish you a lot of fun on their upcoming live shows!

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