Top 10 Depeche Mode Songs Ever

Top 10 Depeche Mode Songs Ever


Coming out of England, Depeche Mode was among the best New Wave bands in the 80s.

Depeche is one of the ice-breaker bands for new wave and synth-pop music since they are the guys who made these music genres famous all across the globe.

Aside from their authentic appearance, impressive stage presence, and revolutionary synthesizer involvement in music as part of rock music, this band is best known for their Depeche Mode songs.

Let’s see the top ten Depeche mode songs without further ado.

“Walking In My Shoes”

Martin Gore is the songwriter of most tracks, especially the best Depeche Mode songs. And it’s the same with “Walking In My Shoes,” released as a single in 1993. It’s fair to say it’s one of the best Depeche Mode “Songs of Faith and Devotion.”

In this song, Martin writes about judging our fellow men, not for their actions or the way they appear; instead, for the trials and tribulations they have overcome and the bright side that comes with it. In addition, he is referring to the fact that even evil and bad people may hide a history of sacrifice and damnation and joys that were heartlessly stolen from them. “Walking In My Shoes” is a fantastic song, and it’s dark and brooding with spiritual overtones that make this track sound authentic and attractive.

Another beautiful thing is that this song is on every Depeche Mode setlist; no matter if they are playing in Michigan or California, chances are you will hear it live!

‘’Master & Servant’’

Another song often on the Depeche Mode songs list is “Master & Servant,” from the band’s “Some Great Reward” studio album.

It’s an ode to sexy chains and whips, and it’s one of the rare, impressive BDSM tracks since it has lines about playing “between the sheets.” In addition, it’s also a commentary on modern life, and it refers to how domination is the name of the game both in bed and in real life.

Furthermore, Depeche fans love it since it has a beautiful tune with tiger growls, wood block, and whip-crack effects. Of course, the same whip-cracks got this track banned from the radio stations in the United States, but that’s one of the reasons it got so big, and it eventually found its place on the Hot 100.

If you want to see the band perform this song live, now is the best time to buy Depeche Mode tickets since their 2023 tour is about to begin.

“Just Can’t Get Enough”

“Just Can’t Get Enough” is arguably the most joyous, bright, and fanciful track of the band’s catalog. However, it still deserves a spot on the Depeche Mode best songs.

This song has beautiful bouncing synths and electric bass, a track that pushes everyone toward the dance floor. It also hits the Doo-wop influence in the vocals, and it’s positively dripping with 80s absurdity. “Just Can’t Get Enough” was one of the songs from Mode’s debut album “Speak and Spell,” It undoubtedly sounds distinctive from the other work. The reason for it is probably because it was written by Vince Clarke, who left the band after this album was released.

Whether Vince made the right choice only he knows, but one thing is for sure, “Just Can’t Get Enough” is one of the greatest Depeche Mode songs.

“Ghosts Again”

The Depeche Mode tour 2023 will be marked after several things, including the new single, “Ghosts Again.”

It’s a track that was released on February 9th, 2023, and it’s the lead single from the band’s 15th studio album, “Memento Mori.” It’s hard to say that it’s the best Depeche Mode album since there are so many great albums by Mode, but the single “Ghosts Again” is undoubtedly one of the band’s best songs.

It’s the first single release since the death of Andy Fletcher, which is a historic moment. To Martin Gore, the song has an upbeat feel to it, and to Dave Gahan, the song captures the perfect balance between joy and melancholy. In light of the death of Andy, the song sees the two members addressing the motifs of death, the possibility of an afterlife, and the fragility of life.

Gahan and Gore remind us through the track that every life will turn into “ghosts again,” but it also provides the idea that one can be reunited with another in some form, in this case, as “ghosts.”

This song will undoubtedly be on the 2023 Depeche Mode tour song list. Also, the “Ghosts Again” music video is phenomenal.


One of the songs that made Depeche Mode one of the rock bands of the 80s that will be remembered forever is “Strangelove.”

In essence, this song is the cooler version of “Master & Servant,” and it’s also connected to BDSM. However, this track can be taken a couple of ways since musically; it sounds familiar to “Master & Servant,” especially to the original recordings that were much faster until Depeche decided to slow it down. 

Even though it can also be seen as an ode to fetishes, it’s also an admission of unavailability and emotional instability. It’s a fine line between pain and pleasure, which can refer to both love and wars.

If you buy tickets now, you will probably have the chance to listen to this song at Depeche Mode’s concert in Sacramento, which will kick off their 2023 tour.

“It’s No Good”

Another song that will undoubtedly be on the setlist of the upcoming Depeche Mode tour is “It’s No Good.” It’s an honest-to-goodness love track that sounds like a dark turn on a doomed acid trip.

“It’s No Good” was the second single of the “Ultra” album from 1997, and it reflected the sound of the predecessor “Songs of Faith and Devotion.” However, it still returned to the gloomy and electronic darkness of Mode’s goth moments. Another thing that makes this song unique is that it was part of the band’s first album since Alan Wilder left. Furthermore, it was also a track on the first album since Dave Gahan nearly overdosed, which shows why dark themes were not a surprise.

In essence, what makes “It’s No Good” one of the Depeche Mode songs that will remain famous is that it’s mysterious and swirling, stands out from the rest of the songs on the album, and it’s a classic hit song.

“Everything Counts”

“Everything Counts” is a song that makes everyone dance, no matter if Depeche Mode has a concert in a lively place like Las Vegas or performs in a small town like Cheyenne.

This track is the first sign that Depeche genuinely matured as a band. It was a single from the 1983 studio album “Construction Time Again,” and it speaks of corporate greed. Its melody is one of the primary reasons it sold over 250,000 copies in Germany since this country was where everything that sounded great electronically sold out fast.

The melodica and xylophone give the song a fun vibe, but on the other hand, the lyrics address UK’s and the world’s 80s money-driven attitude that puts cash and business before humanity. Even though it wasn’t a worldwide hit immediately, it became massively popular quickly.

“People Are People”

“People Are People” is one of the Depeche Mode songs that’s a dance-pop hit.

However, if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll find a meaningful plea to all humankind. It still has a heavy sound with industrial drums and layered synths and enough darkness to fit the Depeche Mode musical style.

Martin wrote the lyrics, Wilder wrote the music, and “People Are People” is an ode to finding common ground in the face of the many forms of hatred. Also, it’s about a belief that women and men are genuinely good deep down.

This song is so legendary that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame put it on their list of “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.” However, because Martin thinks it’s not one of their best songs and Dave finds its lyrics too obvious, Depeche hasn’t performed this track live since the 80s, which is sad since it’s one of the most entertaining Depeche Mode songs.

“Personal Jesus”

Believe it or not, both Johnny Cash and Hillary Duff have made a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” which shows how fantastic this song is among everyone.

This song is one of the biggest Depeche Mode hits, and what makes it even more unique is that it’s about being somebody’s private savior. Martin’s inspiration for this track came after he read the autobiography by Priscilla Presley titled “Elvis and Me.” Priscilla found Elvis to be god-like, and it’s exciting that for this song, Depeche prominently used a guitar for the first time.

Of course, the synthesizers and the drum machine are still here, and there’s a lot of stomping, graveyard electricity, and brooding. “Personal Jesus” landed on four Billboard charts and charted in fifteen countries, becoming Depeche’s second Top 40 track in the United States.

It’s valuable to mention that “Personal Jesus” is almost always on Mode’s setlist, so they play it everywhere, from concerts in Chicago to Amsterdam.

“Enjoy the Silence”

It’s more than evident that Depeche Mode is one of the top 10 rock bands of all time, especially regarding the electronic side of this genre. And the song that puts them in every single corner all over the globe is “Enjoy the Silence.”

This song is arguably the best on the “Violator” studio album, probably the best by Depeche Mode. “Enjoy the Silence” is the epitome of Mode’s greatness, and Dave’s performance is powerful and tender, while the beat is relentless, hardcore and excellent for dancing. The melodies ache and sing with joy, and the message is ironic. There’s no need for words when love is real since it’s something you feel.

Depeche was one of the most entertaining 80s rock bands, and “Enjoy the Silence” proved the band would be even better in the 90s since this song was released on February 5th, 1990. The track charted at number eight on the Hot 100 and in 17 countries total, while it also became Mode’s first back-to-back Top 40 song.

There you have it, the top ten Depeche Mode songs you should know. If you want to listen to some of these tracks live, now is the perfect time to buy concert tickets since the 2023 Depeche Mode tour is about to begin!

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