Super Bowl Safety Tips: How to Attend a Super Bowl Party and Have The Best Time

Super Bowl Safety Tips: How to Attend a Super Bowl Party and Have The Best Time


One of the best things when February comes is the upcoming Super Bowl 2024. It’s that time of the year when adults, teenagers, and even kids barely wait until February to enjoy this fantastic game.

Therefore, now would be the perfect time to buy NFL tickets and enjoy some of the season’s best games.  

However, one interesting thing that accompanies the Super Bowl is the excitement among people about creating fantastic Super Bowl parties. On the other hand, we all know that Superbowl safety tips are more than needed for these wild and entertaining events. 

That’s why we will see Superbowl party tips to help you have the best time!

But before we get into it, it’s valuable to know some differences between hosting and attending a Superbowl party. Let’s start.

Superbowl Safety Tips When Attending A Super Bowl Party 

Since there is a difference between hosting and going to a Super Bowl party, first, we’ll address the issues considering when you attend a Superbowl party.

First and Foremost, Covid Made A Difference 

One thing that is different in recent years from all other Superbowl parties in the past is the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Some of the most critical Superbowl tips would be to go to a party with fewer people, and you should all be fully vaccinated. Of course, another way to attend a safe party is one where everyone has masks, but since this isn’t so practical, the first option is much better.

We hope that Covid won’t be an issue in the years to follow, so you can enjoy various Super Bowl party ideas safely and accomplish your Superbowl party gift ideas.

Considering that teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Rams, and the San Francisco 49ers are often fighting to get in the finals; the Super Bowl will be more than exciting!

Don’t Drink and Drive!

One of the best but also meaningful quotes ever is “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk,” and it’s the perfect quote for one of our several Superbowl safety tips.

Pick a friend that will be a sober driver, and you’ll know they aren’t going to drink alcohol at all. Still, that wouldn’t be enough since it’s even more important to give them your car keys before you enter the party, in essence, before you drink alcohol.

This way, you get two advantages: one is that you will be safe since a sober driver will take you home afterwards, and the second one is that you can relax and have a lot of fun without thinking about driving.

Finally, but importantly, two more aspects are crucial here; fatigue due to a late hour can be a problem for driving, so you can also ask a sober friend to drive or stay at your friends’ place. And the other one is being distracted from replaying the game in your head, so don’t do that until you arrive home safely. Also, always buckle up!

Superbowl Parties Can Be Long, Pace Your Drinking 

You probably have been to a party where you or some of your friends were too excited and thought fast drinking would help.

Well, this is actually a huge mistake. 

It’s much better to pace your drinking, especially when attending a Superbowl party, since they might be longer than you imagine. Eat while drinking, alternate with non-alcoholic drinks, and you can even take breaks. The goal is to enjoy and have fun, not just get drunk. 

Also, the point of a Super Bowl party is to have fun while watching the whole game, so you wouldn’t want to miss the magnificent halftime show. For instance, the performers that entertained the audience in 2022 included the legendary Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and the amazing Mary J. Blige.

It does not get any better than this, which means that you could easily drink a lot, so you have to pace your drinking!

Don’t Leave No One Alone

Last but not least, if you are a sober guest, don’t leave anyone alone at the end of the party.

This is yet another one of the important Superbowl safety tips since, in this case, you will probably be responsible for driving someone after the game.

Don’t look at this situation as a burden; quite the contrary, your only responsibility is to drive after the party, so everything else will be the same; you can still have a lot of fun during the Super Bowl party. You will also have the advantage of enjoying the game as everyone else, maybe even more in the sense that by being sober, you will watch the game entirely concentrated.

Superbowl Safety Tips When Hosting A Party 

Since we saw the most critical Superbowl safety tips when attending a party, let’s also address some safety tips you should pay attention to if you are hosting a party.

Be A Responsible Host, Don’t Drink A Lot

Being the host of such a fantastic party has its responsibilities, and here there are two main aspects we will address. 

First, you have to limit your alcohol consumption to be able to make proper and responsible decisions for your guests, but also because when you are a host, everyone will ask you about everything, so it would be a mistake to get drunk and leave the guests. The other one is to position alcoholic beverages alongside non-alcoholic drinks since it is best for everyone to alternate with some water or anything else they like. 

We know that you are also excited, especially if your favorite player is Patrick Mahomes, and he has the chance to win it all, but you have to pay attention to every detail.

Third Quarter Ends, Stop Serving Alcohol

This safety tip is something that is also practiced at some NFL stadiums, so stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter. Of course, there are some alternative options, and you can serve coffee or dessert for the last part of the game.

Furthermore, this move is also practical because even the people who drink alcohol will sober up a little bit towards the end of the party. It’s true that it is a Super Bowl party, and everyone wants to have a lot of fun, as you should, but since traffic can get pretty chaotic after the game, it is best to tone it down towards the end.

Food, Food, Food!

Another important part is that you have to serve plenty of food, especially high-protein dishes, and be sure that there is enough for everyone. Even though most parties are usually organized mainly by what type of alcohol you should buy or what music to play, in this case, that is not a problem, but one thing that is also important is the type of food you serve.

Some of the best ideas include grilled chicken wings, roasted cauliflower tacos, chili hot dogs, buffalo chicken burgers, or pizza. Vegetarian queso is a great choice if you have vegetarian or vegan guests. Also, ask your guests what they would like to eat to save yourself some time.

Arrange for Designated Drivers

Ensure you arrange for designated drivers before the party starts to assure safety from the beginning. As a host, this part is also your responsibility, so be sure everyone is secure.

Also, make sure everyone is buckled up when leaving afterwards. Even though you arrange for sober drivers for every guest; everyone must fasten their seatbelts because there will be a lot of traffic outside as many people will also drive home from other Super Bowl parties.

There you have it, the essential Superbowl safety tips when attending or hosting a Super Bowl party.

Remember that these parties are meant to have fun and watch the most exciting game while everyone remains safe. So, follow these safety tips and enjoy the fantastic Super Bowl game with your friends since it’s an event that happens only once a year!

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