Must See Concerts 2022: Here Is Who You Need to Buy a Ticket For 

Must See Concerts 2022: Here Is Who You Need to Buy a Ticket For 


When it comes to must see concerts 2022, there are a number of singers and musicians who you have to watch perform live since it’s about time to have fun after these difficult times surrounding us.   

Spring and summer are coming, and once the sun hits our faces, it’s time to attend some exciting festivals and tour concerts of every possible music genre. 

That’s why we will see some of the most entertaining upcoming events in recent months that will provide you and your friends with memories you will never forget. So let’s not waste any more time and get into it right away. 

Doja Cat 

The amazing Doja Cat is heading on her 2022 tour, and it would be a shame not to go to at least one of her upcoming shows. If you think about must see concerts 2022, you should think about this American rapper, singer, and songwriter. 

Luckily for you, Doja Cat will perform at several upcoming top-rated festivals. First, you have Lollapalooza in Argentina from March 18th, then Lollapalooza in Brazil from March 25th, and if you even miss these remarkable performances, you will still have the chance to attend the fantastic Coachella Festival from April 15th if you want to see Doja perform live. 

She will also have numerous performances in the upcoming months in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Austin, Charlotte, etc. So don’t miss at least one of her concerts since Doja Cat is already becoming one of the top rap and hip hop musicians of our time.

Also, Doja will perform at the Hangout Music Festival on May 20th alongside many stars such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana Del Rey, Kane Brown, Moon Taxi, and so on. 

J Balvin

Yet another performer from the rap music industry, J Balvin, is also a singer who has become extremely popular among audiences all over the globe in recent years.

You will have the privilege of attending his live concerts since from March 25th; he will start his 2022 tour with fantastic 33 upcoming performances in seven countries. Fans will have the opportunity to watch him perform live in the United States, but also in Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, and the Netherlands. 

J Balvin has already received two Grammy Award nominations and won two MTV Video Music Awards, four Latin American Music Awards, five Billboard Latin Music Awards, and four Latin Grammy Awards. Even though he is a young performer, Balvin already has enormous success, and he should definitely be on your must see concerts 2022 list. 

Megan Thee Stallion

If you love to see a fantastic freestyle rap performance, Megan Thee Stallion is the perfect choice for your next concert. 

She is known for her freestyling qualities; in fact, that is how she became famous by uploading improvisation performances on social media channels such as Instagram. Even though she has been rocking the stage for only six years, more or less, Megan has already gained immense popularity, especially among younger generations that love rap music. 

If you want to see her perform live, you can buy tickets for the upcoming Coachella 2022 and Hangout Music Festival, where she will be performing alongside many more artists. 


The Japanese-American singer-songwriter Mitski has a new studio album titled Laurel Hell, released on February 4th this year, hence her upcoming tour concerts. Mitski has gained a sort of cult status among the alternative scene since she didn’t like to reveal much about herself immediately. Therefore, it’s not a surprise why a Mitski interview is always a refreshment for the fans. 

This fantastic performer already has live concerts and will continue to perform in the following months in cities like Denver, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Detroit, Toronto, and many more. Her perfect mix of authentic style with indie, synth, electro and everything in between is more than enough to watch her perform at least once. 

My Chemical Romance

The American rock band from New Jersey went on hiatus back in 2013, but luckily for fans all over the world , My Chemical Romance reunited back in 2019. They are an already established rock band that has released four studio albums, six extended plays, and 25 singles while selling millions of copies around the globe.

The band is heading on tour from May 16th and will have 32 live shows in 15 countries; therefore, now is the time to purchase tickets before they sell out. You will have the chance to watch them live solo, or if you like festivals, you can watch them perform at the 2022 Riot Fest on September 16th, Aftershock Festival on October 6th alongside Kiss, Slipknot, and many more, or at When We Were Young Festival at the end of October 2022. 

Jack Harlow

One of the youngest rappers in the music industry, Jack Harlow is only 23 years old, and he is already charming fans with his performances. Harlow even managed to release one studio album in 2020 titled That’s What They All Say, which conquered the hearts both of music critics, giving it excellent ratings and the audience since he sold more than a million copies even though it’s his debut album. 

Jack Harlow has several solo shows, but it would be even more exciting to watch him perform in a festival atmosphere, and he will rap at this year’s Governors Ball Music Festival and Electric Forest on June 23rd. 


Well, here we have something truly special since Lorde is a New Zealand singer and songwriter whose music is considered electropop, but it also has elements of sub-genres like indie-electro and dream pop. And if you attend one of her upcoming shows, you will feel like you are in a beautiful dream since her introspective songwriting and unconventional music provides a genuinely authentic performance. 

And don’t worry, you will have your chance to put her on your must see concerts 2022 list since Lorde has 61 upcoming shows in 14 countries. Still, don’t think for a long time since she is popular and you may run out of tickets to buy. 

Tim McGraw

There is no need to explain too much why one should attend a Tim McGraw concert since he is one of the most famous country singers in the world.

The best thing about his upcoming concerts in 2022 is that he will perform alongside other great performers. So you will have the chance to see Tim perform, but also some other popular stars like Dustin Lynch, Russell Dickerson, Walker Hayes, Billy Currington, and even Pitbull believe it or not. 

drum on a set

Jack White

Another musician who needs no introduction is certainly Jack White, who, after the successful career with Meg White as the rock duo The White Stripes finished, also has had a fantastic solo career. 

This rock singer-songwriter, who is also an impressive multi-instrumentalist, will entertain fans with his 58 upcoming shows from April 8th onwards in eight different countries. Most of them are solo concerts, and Jack White is enough for you to have a lot of fun since he is phenomenal and one of the legendary musicians that still rock the stage even today. Still, if you love the festival atmosphere, he will also perform at the High Water Festival on April 23rd alongside My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, and Black Pumas.


Haim is a tremendous pop-rock trio consisting of three sisters by the name of Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim. They are becoming more and more popular as time goes on and as they create more and more great music, having released three studio albums by now.

Still, they became a lot more popular in this recent period since Alana Haim played one of the leading roles in the latest Paul Thomas Anderson movie Licorice Pizza. Therefore, an excellent talent for music, but also acting. 

You will have many opportunities to see Haim perform live since their 2022 tour is starting on April 24th in Las Vegas, and they have 43 upcoming live concerts in eight countries, including Canada and the USA, but also Europe. Haim deserves a spot in the must see concerts 2022 since it’s fascinating how they can collaborate with totally different musicians from Taylor Swift to ASAP Ferg.

John Legend

It’s better not to waste time on listing reasons why you should attend a John Legend live show since the man is already a living legend in the music industry. 

The outstanding piano master has 30 upcoming concerts in seven countries; USA, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France, and the UK. They all are solo concerts and hurry up with buying tickets since when Legend has a concert, tickets can vanish in a matter of minutes. Any of his upcoming performances should be part of the must see concerts 2022, and it’s worth attending one even if you have to go alone. 

Olivia Rodrigo

The newest music star! Olivia Rodrigo has become a global phenomenon in recent months, especially after her seven Grammy Awards nominations this year. Among those nominations is the Best Pop Solo Performance award, and a fantastic pop solo performance is what you’ll get if you attend some of her upcoming live shows. 

This young but already successful singer has 48 upcoming concerts in ten countries around the globe, 30 of whom are in the United States. She starts in Portland on April 5th and finishes in San Francisco on May 27th. But don’t worry, since there are so many concerts she will perform in most big cities, you will have the chance and time to organize and go to one of Olivia’s concerts. 

Post Malone

Also, a performer from the younger generation, Post Malone is famous for his variegated vocal abilities and introspective songwriting. He manages to gain both critical and audience attention for mixing music genres and subgenres such as hip hop, pop, trap, pop, and R&B. This entertainer created his widely known stage name by inputting his birth name into a rap name generator.

You and your friends will have the opportunity to attend his upcoming live shows starting May 20th at the Hangout Music Festival, and he will also perform at this year’s Rock in Rio Weekend One with other megastars like Demi Lovato, Iron Maiden, Justin Bieber, and more. 

Foo Fighters

Finally, but importantly, maybe the best rock band today or at least the most popular one, the Foo Fighters are starting an enormous tour on March 15th from Mexico and will have 60 live performances in 18 countries around the world. If there is a band that has to be on your must see concerts 2022, then it’s this band. 

They have been one of the most successful rock bands for decades now, and when you have a band that has Dave Grohl as a leader, it’s not a surprise why they rule the music world. 

So, please don’t waste any more of your precious time and start buying tickets for some of the upcoming shows of these performers since hot weather is coming and it’s time to have a lot of fun with your friends. 

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