Live Events That Will Mark January 2022

Live Events That Will Mark January 2022


This year is coming to an end, and since we are knocking on the door of 2022, it is expected that January live events will be the main focus for many people. Live concerts are always extremely fun, but even more so today since the Covid-19 pandemic hit made us all wait for a long time to have fun. But, luckily now, with a Covid vaccine certificate, we can buy a passage to any event indoors or outdoors.

January live events are already announced, and it is best to make a list now in advance since time flies fast, so you have to buy tickets while you can. You have to explore all possible options and decide what is worth your attention and time and what is best for the beginning of the upcoming 2022. 

That is why here we will see the best January live events for the upcoming 2022 and see what each of these events offers to the table and when it will happen. So let’s not waste any more time and get into it right away.

Tool In Sacramento

We all know that Tool tickets sell out pretty quickly since they are a music band that has achieved cult status among the alternative and metal industry, and they are an extremely popular group of musicians. 

Their upcoming live concert in Sacramento on January 15th at the Golden 1 Center is one that fans barely wait for it to happen since Tool has become a band for whom people don’t know if they will continue to play together or not. Also, their upcoming albums have always been a mystery to fans since they were canceling the release many times, and nobody really knows what they will do next. 

But, the good news is that they are definitely touring this January, and this is a concert one should not miss since Tool is outstanding when playing live. It is unknown how many more chances you will get to watch them live, so purchase some tickets quickly and enjoy their amazing performance. Tool’s live playing is a master lesson for every musician on how a band should perform every time it is up on the music stage.

Kane Brown in Indianapolis 

Another event that is part of the best January live events is Kane Brown performing at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on January 6th next year. It is evident that Kane Brown is one of the leading artists of the new generation, and he has already become one of the top-rated singers in the country music industry. 

His Blessed and Free tour is already happening, and the live event on January 6th can be a special one for you since it is happening right after New Year’s Eve, so it is a great occasion to mark the beginning of 2022. Kane’s live performances typically last around an hour and a half, which means that it is enough time to entirely enjoy some of the best music hits he has and feel the exciting atmosphere along with the audience while he is singing.

Laugh to Tears With John Oliver

If you are not a huge party animal and if a hangover is not what you think it will be happening to you on January 1st, you can go to a John Oliver comedy show. He will perform at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall in Washington on January 1st, and there is no better way to start 2022 than to laugh to tears.

John is one of the best live performers and stand-up comedians in the entire world, and you will for sure have a lot of fun. This event is one you can visit together with your friends, and Washington definitely is the place to be on this date.

Watch the Famous Potted Potter

Yet another show that you should put on your list of January live events that is also happening on January 1st is the famous Potted Potter parody show of Harry Potter. The amazing actors of this show will perform at the Zilkha Hall – Hobby Center in Houston, and you should buy tickets now since this parody that Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner wrote is one for the ages. 

The biggest reason you should attend this show is that it is suitable for everyone, from kids of age six to anyone else. So you can gather together with your entire family, go to this exciting event, and begin the journey of 2022 by watching a live performance that many people watch several times since it is extremely funny.

Sir Elton John Comes to Town

If there is a musician and singer that is a living legend in the music industry, it is definitely Elton John with his mix of amazing piano playing and singing. There is no need to explain why you should go to his concert, and since he is one of the most popular singers ever, tickets for his shows are sometimes sold out in a matter of minutes.

Sir Elton is performing on January 19th at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, and what makes this concert even more special is that there almost isn’t a better place to listen to Elton live than in New Orleans. The reason is, even though he is not a jazz performer, that it is still the perfect mix of a legendary musician and a legendary musical city, both providing an electrifying atmosphere for the audience.

Alina Baraz for the Perfect Mix

Even though an R&B singer, Alina Baraz provides the perfect mix of soul and electronic music, She is an American singer and songwriter, but back in 2015, she collaborated with electronic producer Galimatias, and they released their ‘’Urban Flora’’ EP together, which was met with streaming success and positive reactions. 

Alina is an amazing singer, and she will perform on January 16th at the Fillmore in Philadelphia. If there is a list of January live events that will mark this month, then her concert should definitely be on that list. Alina has a new EP, and she is part of the independent music scene, so what you see is what you get, a great performance that will stay as a positive one in your memory forever.  

Experience Something Different With Cirque du Soleil – O

From January 1st onwards, almost every day, you will have the chance to attend a Cirque du Soleil – O show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. It originates from Canada, and now it is showing the culture of acrobatics, dance performances, circus, and entertainment all over the world. 

Their shows will mark the whole month in Las Vegas as the best January live events from this entertainment world, and their live events are already happening in the city of show business, Las Vegas. The biggest reason why you should go to such a show is that it is something totally different, and it is something that will impress you as a visitor and a viewer. And even though you have the whole month of January to pick a date, still, pick one fast and buy tickets to be sure you won’t miss an event of such magnificent entertainment. 

The Australian Bee Gees to Start the Year

Last but not least, on January 1st, start the upcoming 2022 with a concert at the Thunderland Showroom at Excalibur Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas by attending The Australian Bee Gees live concert. You maybe can not attend a real Bee Gees concert, but at least you can go to something extremely similar and a performance that can bring you close to a realistic experience. 

There are many tribute bands that can create authentic performances, some only play the music of their favorite bands and others dedicate themselves to doing more and also creating a realistic look, performance, and sound to maintain the legacy of the music band. And the Australian Bee Gees are as close as you can get to experience the live music of the legendary Bee Gees. This is the main reason why you should go to their concert and go back in time to the 70s or 80s to have a wonderful musical journey. 

To Sum It All Up

Here you have some of the most exciting upcoming live events in January 2022, and it is best to purchase tickets now since there isn’t a lot of time to wait because tickets sell out pretty fast.

Especially now after everyone can attend a live show with a Covid-19 vaccine certificate, which is what we all have been waiting for a long time.  

So start making your list now; you don’t have to pick only one; you can go to several of them. It is interesting to mix different shows with different people or go by yourself to one, with your friends to another, and with your family to a parody show. So have fun, start 2022 with laughing to tears or watching a great musician live, and create positive memories that will stay with you forever! 

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