Lil Durk VS Bad Bunny VS Tyler, the Creator: the Showdown 

Lil Durk VS Bad Bunny VS Tyler, the Creator: the Showdown 


Whether it’s trap, hip hop, or reggaeton, it is widely known that rap music in general rules the music industry today. For better or worse, it’s an undeniable fact that the new generations are genuinely connected with this type of music.  

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As more time goes on, it seems like these three rappers are becoming more and more popular around the globe, and 2022 in hip hop will be yet another successful year for all of them. Therefore, let’s see what are the similarities and connections, but also the differences between these three rap superstar performers. Let’s start. 

What Brings These Rappers Closer?

Even though extremely young, they can already be referred to as some of the best hip hop performers of our time since this trio represents the leadership of the new generation in rap music.

In addition, there are three main aspects that bring them together; they are all young and at the beginning of their careers since all of them are more or less the same age, which means fans can look forward to many upcoming performances and new studio albums. Secondly, they all rule the rap music industry, even though their style is not precisely the same. And finally, their motivation is enormous since they have created many songs already and had various collaborations; in fact, some rappers spent their entire career without making so many tracks. Therefore, let’s see each aspect a little bit deeper.

Productivity and Collaborations

For instance, both Lil Durk and Tyler, the Creator, have released six studio albums, and Bad Bunny isn’t falling behind since even though he has four albums, he also has a lot of singles released in his career so far. Furthermore, Bad Bunny and Lil Durk are most similar when it comes to releasing singles since Bunny charmed his fans with 93 singles by now, and Lil Durk has an amazing number of 138. These numbers are fascinating even when it comes to the rap world, so 2022 in hip hop music is more than productive. 

Also, the rap industry is known for being extreme on both occasions, no matter if it’s about collaborations or rivalries. Another similarity between these young rappers is that they love to collaborate with other performers, so they have made some hit songs with singers and musicians both from the younger and older generations. 

Bad Bunny has collaborated with performers such as Daddy Yankee, Farruko, J Balvin, and many more. Tyler, the Creator has collaborated with Frank Ocean, ASAP Rocky, and Kali Uchis to name a few, and Lil Durk loves to make songs with Lil Baby, but has also made some with Lil Skies, Gunna, and so on. And since they love to collaborate, we don’t have to worry about 2022 in hip hop since they will continue to surprise us with music. 

The Three of them Rule the Rap Industry

 If you ask any rapper about 2022 in hip hop and who is the best today, they will all say themselves. Still, numbers and popularity may suggest otherwise, and when it comes to these three performers, they most certainly rule the rap industry. 

For example, Bad Bunny’s debut album X 100pre went number one on the Top Latin Albums chart and number eleven on Billboard 200, which for a new performer is more than success. IT received a Latin diamond certification from the RIAA since it sold more than 600,000 copies only in the USA. Some rappers never reach such an impressive record, especially not with their first studio album. 

Furthermore, it’s definitely Tyler, the Creator’s moment since he has already sold millions of copies around the world, and it was evident he is going to be a star even with his first album, Goblin. When it was released in 2011, this album had a single titled Yonkers that became popular on YouTube and debuted at number five on Billboard 200. Also, when Tyler released his second album titled Wolf, it debuted at number three on the charts and sold 100,000 copies in its first week.

Last but not least, Lil Durk is also at the same level as these two guys. He is preparing a new album titled 7220, and when it comes to his previous ones, he always had success. Having sold millions of copies all together makes him a righteous part of this group, and his latest album titled The Voice peaked at number one on both Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop albums and Top Rap Albums. 

All Three Rappers Are At the Beginning of Their Rap Journey

Finally, but importantly, as mentioned above, Lil Durk, Tyler, and Bad Bunny are all young and around 30 years old. And even though they already made a lot of music, their most productive years are yet to come, so 2022 in hip hop will be a happy year both for them and the fans. 

Lil Durk started professionally back in 2010, Bunny in 2013, and Tyler in 2007, which goes to show that all three of them already have a great experience, but also have a lot to look forward to, so fans worldwide can expect interesting music coming their way. 

What Connects Lil Durk, Tyler, and Bunny

Well, the aspects we listed above show in a great deal what makes these rappers similar and, therefore, connected with each other’s careers whether they like it or not. 

Nevertheless, let’s see some other aspects that truly connect Bunny, Tyler, and Lil Durk. 

The Road to Success Is Not Easy

First of all, you may imagine these rappers living around millions of dollars, which is true, but they actually had a tough time before they succeeded in the music business. 

Lil Durk’s father was incarcerated when he was only seven months old, so he had to take a lot of responsibilities from a young age. Durk had said that there were times when he didn’t have enough food, and at seventeen, he dropped out of school while he also became a father. Nevertheless, he took his rap career more seriously, but he also joined a street gang named Black Disciples. Not a long time passed by when he started to have law issues, and in October 2011, he served time because of gun charges and possession of a firearm, after which he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge. 

Tyler, the Creator, has never met his father, and even though he didn’t have so many troubles like Lil Durk, he had to work hard in order to get where he is today. When he was seven, Tyler started to make covers for his imaginary albums before he could even create music at all. So even back then, it seemed like he would have something to do with 2022 in hip hop, or at least with music. 

Then at 14, the Creator learned how to play the piano by himself. Also, during his schooling of twelve years, Tyler had to go to twelve different schools in the Sacramento and Los Angeles area. Last but not least, he also had to work at Starbucks for more than two years, and he also worked for FedEx for less than two weeks. 

And finally, Bad Bunny, well, he most certainly didn’t have the challenges that Lil Durk and Tyler, the Creator had as kids since he has stated that he had a happy childhood. Still, his road to success also wasn’t easy, and it most certainly didn’t fall from the sky. Bunny started to make his interpretations when he was 14, and in 2013 he began to publish tracks on SoundCloud. Success didn’t come easily since he was also working as a bagger in Vega Baja at Supermercados Econo when he continued to release songs and finally got the attention of DJ Luian, who signed him to Hear this Music record label.

They Love to Collaborate 

In order to address their true connection, we should go back once again to their constant collaborations with some other performers. All three of them love to collaborate when they make music, and here we will see some impressive collaborations they have made in the past.

Lil Durk loves to collaborate with Lil Baby; in fact, they went even a step further and had a collaboration on a studio album. This studio album was titled The Voice of the Heroes, and it was released on June 4th, 2021. It has even eighteen songs, and it managed to achieve a lot of success on multiple charts around the world, including peaking at number one on US Billboard 200 and US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Also, it sold more than 500,000 units only in the USA. 

Furthermore, 2022 in hip hop may be a happy year because Lil Durk is on tour once again, but also because there is always a possibility he will tour together with Lil Baby, as they have done countless times in the past. 

As for Tyler and Bad Bunny, they also love to create songs with other performers. Bunny has even gone a step further since he collaborates with huge music stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony, and more. 

And as mentioned above, Tyler also loves to collaborate even as a featured artist since he managed to make some exciting collaborations even with Jay Z, Wiz Khalifa, etc. 

What’s the Main Difference?

Even though a lot of things show how similar these rappers are, still, there are two main differences between all three of them. 

Difference Between Their Rap Style

All three of them, Durk, Tyler, and Bunny, are part of the rap music industry, and they most certainly are first and foremost rappers. 

Still, unlike the other two, Lil Durk is a rapper all the way, and even though some may consider him to also be a singer at times, rapping is his main occupation. His style, his voice, his attitude, and even his past history and lifestyle today represents Lil Durk as one of the most influential rappers of his generation. 

On the other hand, Tyler, the Creator is also a top-rated rapper, but he is also a record producer. Also, Tyler has a different style of rapping, let alone stage performing as well. 

And last but not least, Bad Bunny is the one that is different the most from the other two since besides being a rapper, Bunny is also a singer, songwriter, actor, and even a professional wrestler. Therefore, his rapping style is totally different from Durk’s and Tyler’s.

Different Music Genres

Maybe the main reason why they all are leading the rap industry is that they use various different music genres since if they had a totally equal style, it would have been extremely challenging to decide who is the best rapper. 

Nevertheless, Lil Durk primarily uses music genres such as drill, hip hop, and trap; in fact, he is one of the main reasons why trap music is so popular among young generations all over the globe. Bad Bunny may be somewhat similar to the trap music genre since he uses Latin trap a lot, but he is mainly known for his reggaeton. 

And when it comes to Tyler, the Creator, even though he is part of rap music, he also uses music genres such as alternative hip hop, jazz rap, neo-soul, R&B, early horrorcore, and so on. Be as it may, 2022 in hip hop most certainly has high-quality music from all of these genres and styles.

To Sum It All Up  

It is evident that Tyler, the Creator, Lil Durk, and Bad Bunny have some similarities whether they would agree with it or not, but on the other hand, it’s also true that their basic music style of rapping and the music genres they use are different. 

Nevertheless, all three of them are some of the most popular and highly successful rappers of our time, and watching them perform live is the best way to experience their songs. Therefore, don’t waste any more of your precious time and start buying some tickets for their upcoming live shows. Some beautiful hot weather is coming our way, so now is the best time to attend live shows to make some wonderful memories with your friends.  

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