Justin Bieber: Best and Worst Moments of His Music Career

Justin Bieber: Best and Worst Moments of His Music Career

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Many years have passed since Justin Bieber, the Canadian music star, was born in front of our own eyes and launched into a career that has brought him nothing but success.

He is unquestionably essential to the music industry, whether you are a Belieber and like him for songs like “Sorry” or “Baby” and can’t wait to buy Justin Bieber tickets or a hater who despises him for his controversies, his battles, and his attitude toward the media and the public.

The 28-year-old Canadian has accumulated extensive, versatile, and excellent discography. Ideally, you can appreciate his evolution from the first works, oriented to a young audience, to the latest products of an artist consolidated as the king of today’s popular music.

In today’s blog post, we want to convince the most skeptical, those who still have a distorted version of Justin Bieber. Since Justin Bieber released his first album at the age of 15, he has had a whole army of followers and the most visceral detractors of music. They saw in him a marketing product, the representative of the commercialization of music and the scarcity of talent.

The reality, however, is that Justin Bieber, in addition to composing many of his songs, has also created a multitude of songs that are already working on remembering pop history. These are some of his works that mark the best moments of his career.

The Best Songs of Justin Bieber 


Even though My World was the Canadian’sCanadian’s debut album it was with My World 2.0 that he first gained widespread attention.

Because of this material, the single Baby was created, which included the participation of rapper Ludacris. It is one of the most popular songs he has released so far (possibly due to its catchy chorus), and it is included on this list of the best Justin Bieber songs, and on Justin Bieber justice tour 2022 it will probably be at the setlist.

Somebody To Love

This song, which included Usher on background vocals and managed to establish itself as a favorite among the general audience by reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100, was the second single from the same album.


Even though he was still a teenager, Justin Bieber decided to enter the Christmas market by releasing his album Under the Mistletoe, which contains classic Christmas music. The first song from the album, Mistletoe, featured an extremely merry Justin.


Justin announced the release of his new track, Boyfriend, on Twitter in February 2012, and the song swiftly gained popularity, reaching the second position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart the following month.

This song was included on his third studio album Believe, which already demonstrated the progress of the Canadian musician.

Beauty and a Beat

The song Beauty and A Beat, which featured the rapper Nicki Minaj, was released as a single from the same album and is available on iTunes.

One of the more exciting aspects of the video is that it was, for a long time, the most-watched video on VEVO in 24 hours. This is a fantastic accomplishment!


Justin’s career then continued to develop, and in 2015 he released his fourth studio album, named Purpose, which included the song Sorry, which instantly became a hit single and spent seven weeks at the top of the Canadian Hot 100 chart! It also peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks, which was incredible!


With the release of the album Changes, Justin Bieber returned to the music world after a five-year absence. The album revealed a different side of the musician. The single hit Yummy was derived from this source material, and it peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


Peaches, a pop-R&B song that he performs with Daniel Caesar and Giveon, was released in March 2021 as a single from his sixth studio album, Justice.

While Justin has not lost his personality, it is fascinating to observe how he has developed musically over the years. This is undoubtedly one of Justin Bieber’s best songs for now, that will be probably played at Justin Bieber justice tour.

What Happened Between 2013 and 2015?

Between 2013 and 2015, the internet was greeted with a new Justin Bieber news almost every morning for a couple of years straight. Justin Bieber 2013 was detained one day, punched a fan the next, and offended a collective, a country, or a millenary culture on the other. 

Anxiety, drugs, drinking, and promiscuity were factors in Bieber’s descent into “the most despised guy on the face of the planet,” as he put it himself after a string of violent incidents.

“Have you noticed how many child prodigies’ lives end?” is what Justin Bieber asked on his Instagram profile some three years ago. Of course, the question is rhetorical because everyone is aware of the cycles of child celebrity that occur.

He said that when he was at his lowest point due to drug addiction, his bodyguards would come into his room at night and check his pulse to ensure that he was still breathing.

He revealed that there was a sense of longing for something else. After all of his accomplishments, he felt like he was still miserable and in agony. And that he is still dealing with these difficulties that haven’t been handled.

However, there is something unusual about Bieber’sBieber’s situation: he has taken the opposite route. At the age of 27, he has managed to rehabilitate himself through the power of emotional stability.

Besides some of the worst moments in his music career, we still adore him, and we still listen to his songs repeatedly. And, of course Justin Bieber siblings and Justin Bieber parents were always his biggest supporters.

We already shared some of his best songs, but we want to give you some more exciting things about him that perhaps you didn’t know yet.

His dream was not to be a singer

One of those more personal elements of the young Canadian that we admire is his humanity. Contrary to popular belief, he did not want to be a musician but instead had a disappointing desire to be an architect. In various interviews, he admitted that he is a big fan of architecture, aside from music.

From Youtube to international fame

In order for family members who lived far away to listen to him sing songs by Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, 2Pac, or even Usher and to watch the contests he participated in, his mother, Pattie Mallette, started uploading videos to YouTube. 

But what appeared to be a simple hobby with which Justin was saving money to take his mother to Disneyland turned into a career that led him to sign with Island Records and have many tours such as the upcoming Justin Bieber justice tour.

His most random quirk

Justin has admitted on multiple occasions that he changes his phone number every six months and that his contacts are often unsure whether they are talking to him or whether they are talking to a fake, which is why he prefers to make video calls.

Rubik’sRubik’s cubes? Yes, please!

Not only is the 28-year-old talented in the field of music, but he is also exceptionally accomplished in the art of cubing. 

Rubik’sRubik’s cubes are a specialty of Bieber’sBieber’s, and he is exceptionally excellent at putting them together. He has proved on numerous occasions that he can solve problems in a matter of minutes. He has established a personal best, which is still the two-minute mark to this day.

His biggest idol

Justin has a great deal of respect for Will Smith. He considers the well-known actor to be a role model and a friend, and the two speak with one another at least once a week.

His interest in various musical instruments

He taught himself to play a variety of musical instruments. He is proficient in the instruments of drums, guitar, trumpet, and piano. And he is always showing his talents on every tour, and perhaps on Justin Bieber justice tour as well. 

His clothing brand

In addition to his musical talents, including guitar, drums, and singing, Justin Bieber has his own clothing line, “DREW.” His designs are bright and cheerful, and he collaborates with his friend and stylist, Ryan Good.

His favorite Disney movie

In many interviews, Justin Bieber has mentioned that his favorite movie is the Disney production “The Lion King.” He adores Disney, as in 2021, he also said that he really enjoyed the movie “Luca,” which is a Disney production and shares a magical and emotional story!

Many of his recent songs are dedicated to his wife

The narrative of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin could be the script for a love film that captures our attention from the very first frame.

His album Changes is entirely dedicated to his wife and the love he feels for her. With Anyone is possibly the most romantic track, wholly devoted to Hailey, with whom he even recorded the video clip. And, we are sure that she will be the greatest admirer at Justin Bieber justice tour.

The Bottom Line

Let’sLet’s be honest: where would the music industry be if Justin Bieber weren’t around? The musical versatility that Justin has achieved during his career is nothing new, as he has performed in a variety of genres such as pop, R&B, reggaeton, pop-rock, trap, electropop, and even country.

He has been hailed as a pop star, and he has had a significant impact on an entire generation, both musically and visually. Justin Bieber is on a mission to change the music world!

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