How Did Covid19 Affect the Live Events and Concert Tours in 2021?

How Did Covid19 Affect the Live Events and Concert Tours in 2021?


The COVID-19 pandemic affected health systems and economics worldwide, but it’s no surprise that it has also concentrated on the cultural sector and how digital tech had a huge role in spreading entertainment material to the guaranteed, stressed, and bored people. Likewise, the not-so-recent Covid-19 outbreak has played a huge part in how people now perceive the whole entertainment industry. 

Due to the lockdown in many countries worldwide, people were left with nothing to do and, needless to say, with a total lack of entertainment content, i.e., everything was closed, no cinema, no live music concerts, and sports games, nothing, as the spread of coronavirus significantly affected live events in 2020. All the live music concerts, shows, and tours had been postponed since venues were closed to the public, and many event professionals have been abandoned until audiences are safe to gather again.

However, the circumstances of the epidemic have encouraged digital changes in the business, as individual events have turned into virtual events and artists engage with followers via live streaming. Not that we are saying that it’s the same, but something is something, right? However, live music concerts, as well as concert tours in 2021 are happening, so we won’t need those virtual shows anymore. 

How Are Live Music Concerts and Concert Tours in 2021 Organized in the Covid19 Era 

Without an efficient and generously available vaccination for COVID-19, this is how long it can take numerous music business insiders to return to a level of normality for the live music concerts and touring business – years and years. 

Silence has been reigning for the past year at performance venues and clubs, but sooner than later they might fill up again. The Netherlands events sector was one of the first ones worldwide to have an active collaboration with researchers to ensure that major meetings amid the coronavirus are safe.

Who was the first one to break the ice?

Keeping in mind that at the beginning of 2021, several countries decided not to hold various festivals on their grounds and some of the biggest festivals like Tomorrowland, nobody expected that the Serbian Exit festival would actually be the first major music festival to happen in Europe since the pandemic began. 

Now, researchers seek to know if and how large-scale pandemic outbreaks can occur at such events. Therefore, at the entry to the festival site, all guests had their temperatures taken and had to show a ticket as well as a negative PCR test result. In addition, some countries have even introduced a tracking sensor to their festivals’ guests that track their movement, and then after everybody has the device active, the fun can start.

On the other hand, various laws in certain countries say that those white face masks are a necessity both indoors and outdoors – anywhere where it is crowded. So when we’d look at the white masks of those music lovers at the Palau Sant Jordi performance arena in Barcelona on a  Saturday night, we’d get the same vibe as we get on those pre-pandemic days. 

We should note that most events worldwide had in common that throughout the event, all the visitors were obliged to the rigorous usage of masks and many live music concerts had the concert tours in 2021 organizers as high-quality face masks providers to ensure everyone’s safety.

Let’s look at the first major festival that was organized in 2021 – Exit. While the festival originally planned to celebrate their 20th anniversary, due to the Covid-19 outbreak that obviously didn’t happen. That’s why the festival will be celebrating the jubilee 20th anniversary this year. 

The festival organizers had gone to extreme lengths to make EXIT 2021 happen. They have provided free Covid-19 tests for all the ticket holders, as well as additional voucher exchange points. Now, it’s important to state that the most important strategic point here was the visitors, and keeping in mind that the organizers predicted some 40k visitors per day, they needed everyone’s cooperation in order to avoid the crowd creation. 

A special note was given to the visitors coming from the States, and in fact all foreigners had to have a no older than 48 hours PCR test. 

What’s the next big event?

In contrast, one of the 2021 most anticipated events was rescheduled from May to early September, and yes, you guessed it, we are talking about the Highest Point Festival. The festival director even said that they’re going to throw the biggest and most outrageous party of 2021. 

Now let’s see what the Highest Point Festival organizers are going to do in respect of the Covid-19 precautions. 

  • There will be a Covid Event Pass needed just to enter the festival. This pass can be obtained only by downloading an app on their phone and the visitors registering their details. All people with a double vaccination, a negative rapid lateral flow test, or who have had a positive Covid-19 test in the last 180 days prior to the festival and have antibodies will be granted the Covid Event Pass. 
  • No onsite testing will be done. Therefore, all tests will need to be taken at home, and the result presented on arrival. Moreover, those who aren’t keen on downloading an app and registering a simple test result text message will work too.

Not to mention that all of the other “basic” Covid-19 protection measures will be implemented too.

Current Precaution Measures and Protocols for Events

Of course, there are places that are more hit by the outbreak, like France, Iceland, and Israel and the CDC advises people to avoid visiting these countries other than if they are fully vaccinated. 

The most important thing here is that nobody is going anywhere without masks because nobody is safe, not even those who are fully vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccines. Because, due to the quick mutation of the virus and the new variants coming out almost every other month, the CDC now recommends even vaccinated people wear a mask.  

Naturally, large family gatherings of any nature aren’t permitted in any country in the world, no matter whether they are being set in a private or public location – indoors or outdoors. It’s just not safe enough, and later large clusters of Covid-19 infected are being formed thanks to events like this. 

You see, the problem isn’t so much the crowded nature of such meetings, as much as it’s the violation of the domestic and international Covid-19 precautions. It’s essential to note that CDC’s broad guidelines on events such as conferences, exhibitions, athletic events, festivals, concerts, or weddings and large parties may be applicable.

Travel might raise your risk of expansion and COVID-19. CDC recommends that you postpone travel until complete vaccination is possible. However, you still have to take precautions to safeguard yourself and others if you are traveling. The face mask it’s a must in almost all countries, at least in indoor spaces. 

General Advice for Concert-Goers

  • Keep a distance of 6 feet between you and those who don’t live in your household.
  • Avoid low ventilation indoor places
  • Avoid crowds 
  • Avoid indoor locations and rather choose locations that give as much fresh air as possible  
  • Recall that some individuals with no symptoms can also spread the infection.

The Most Popular Concert Tours in 2021


One of the most successful events in country music is scheduled to take place in 2021 for its 50th-anniversary visit. The run began in 2019 and was stopped because of health problems involving the main vocalist Randy Owen. 

So at first, it was not Covid-19 related. However, then, in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic took place, putting the Famers Hall again in limbo. So now Alabama appears to have finally taken on the road and started their concert tours in 2021. 

Backstreet Boys

The DNA Tour, which will be one of the biggest events of the year after the postponement, at the beginning being scheduled for 2020. However, in the summer of 2021, the Backstreet Boys have rescheduled these dates and aim to complete them. As a result, BSB fans will be able to revive these yelling days of the 1990s from 7 June at the famous Hollywood Bowl when they will break classics like “Everybody” and “I Want It That Way” from backstreets.

Justin Bieber

For a long tour in 2021, Biebs intends to be back on the road. To be accurate, 45 live performances in total. This is at least the New Year’s plan. The fun in San Diego is set to start on 2 June and extend through the middle of August. If all goes on schedule and the U.S. is back regularly to holding concerts, Justin Bieber concert tours in 2021 should be among the year’s warmest concerts.

Green Day, Weezer, and even Fall Out Boy

Among the most awaited concert tours in 2021 was this ‘Hella Mega Tour’ pop-punk onslaught. The tour was paved by Green Day, and ballparks and stadiums were sold out before it became a reality. Nevertheless, these three popular bands will strive to make it happen in 2021, beginning in Austria at the beginning of June 2021. Namely, the tour will start on 14 July and go until late August after a run in Europe. 

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses truly hasn’t stopped touring ever since they returned to rock stardom in 2016. Or, it seems like this, at least. The stadium tour was scheduled in 2020 for Axl, Slash, Duff, and their backup band, but then it was obviously not completed in 2020. So, the concert tour in 2021 is to be resumed, with the stops at Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and FargoDome. They will try to make this work. The tour is expected to start in Portugal on 2 June and then to begin in July in the States.


Halsey had a few European concerts on her “Manic World Tour” in 2020 before they canceled the plans for additional shows. The popster is now set to bring its musical enchantment to the United States from June. Without any reverses, the tour runs through July and gives its followers a possibly unforgettable sunny summer.

Alicia Keys

This summer, Keys fans hope to be able to visit one of a generation’s big Grammy Award winners. ‘ALICIA The World Tour’ will be launched in the UK in June 2021, covering Europe until mid-July. The tour is scheduled for 27 July in Jacksonville, FL, to reach U.S. soil. From there, Alicia Keys intends to take over the States by the end of September.

Lady Gaga

It was nice to hear when Gaga announced the replacement of the Chromatica Ball Tour segments for 2021. However, as we start a new year, just a few public dates are available. Now, Gaga’s concert tours in 2021 include two concerts in late July, i.e., she is scheduled for two concerts in Paris and London in late July, and then in Boston, Toronto, New Jersey, and Chicago on four North American dates in August. So, naturally, from a live viewpoint, in 2021, it is entirely conceivable that we will witness more and more of Lady Gaga.

John Legend

Legend, from his work to his own personal life, what a bittersweet 2020 he had – just like all of us. But, just like all the other entertainers on this list and elsewhere too, the Legend hopes to go on stage in 2021 as we flip the page to 2021. He is scheduled to start touring the United States on 11 August and perform until the end of September.  

How Can You Safely Get Tickets Online

The safest, most convenient, and fair location for live music concerts, festivals, sports events, theater, and outdoor days is to buy tickets online. Their strict inspections and cooperation with organizations will avoid fraud. It’s also quite straightforward to buy a ticket. 

The ticket is available in your gotStubs account, but also, will be promptly emailed to your mail inbox using our app. However, that’s not the only convenience of gotStubs – you may also pay straight on-site.


While most artists have already started their concert tours in 2021 with live music concerts – for us, the spectators, it’s essential to take some extra precaution health measures to keep us and everyone in our area safe and sound from the Covid-19 virus. We definitely understand how this virus is just becoming tougher and tougher for everybody and that a nice little vacation while listening to your favorite artist’s live music concerts might be something we all crave, but… 

…Yes, there is always a but, annoying, right?

Now, the best way to protect everybody around you, but especially yourself, would be to find the closest concert venues near me and even if those venues are in your city to choose and watch the show there. 

In the end, everything we can do at this stage is just to thoroughly follow the government’s health measures and just have some fun!


Will live music come back?

Of course they will! Europe, as well as the States are slowly but safely opening their doors to live concerts, festivals, and whole concert tours in 2021 amazing, right? Now, the demand is the strongest for the smaller venues and those outdoor stages. 

Will BTS have a tour in 2021?

The Tour BTS 2020 has been postponed until 2021 and would thus have been almost two years since they last stepped foot in North America by the next summer in J-Hope, RM, Suga, Jungkook, and Jimin. 

Will there be concerts 2021?

Yes! The world is not only reopening the restaurants and the cinemas, but all of the other entertainment options as well, just as live concerts, which by the way, are being scheduled not only for 2021 but 2022 as well.  

Are the WHO touring in 2021?

Now it’s 2021 that the band is renowned. The ones that declared their next tour of the UK arena were delayed until 2021. The tour now starts on Monday, 8 March 2021 in Liverpool before it goes to Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, London, Manchester, and even more.

Is foreigner touring in 2021?

In 2021 and 2022, foreigners will visit 16 countries during a 121-day trip in 71 locations in 42 states, with the vast U.S. leg tour beginning in June.

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