Fun Facts About Elton John: The Hero of the Generation

Fun Facts About Elton John: The Hero of the Generation


If there is someone who can be called ‘’The Hero of the Generation’’, it is Elton John. He is a musician that is loved by fans all over the globe, and even though he already has a long career, it seems like he is just starting. 

And having such a long music career, it’s not a surprise that there are many interesting, fun facts about Elton John. But before we address them, let us remind you that, luckily for you, the British pop superstar is now on his 2022 tour, so make sure to buy Elton John tickets and attend one of his impressive concerts. 

Now, back to those fun facts about Elton John. 

His First American Concert Was At the Legendary Troubadour

Elton may be regarded as one of the greatest performers in Las Vegas, but his first-ever American live show was actually at the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles. Of course, the Elton John Troubadour concert was an instant success, and it opened the doors for his music journey in the United States. 

This live show happened back on August 25th, 1970, and Elton was backed by bassist Dee Murray and drummer Nigel Olsson. But that wasn’t the entire crew since Elton flew to LA with some friends, including manager Ray Williams, producer Steve Brown, Bernie Taupin, and roadie Bob Stacey, to make his American debut. And this flight obviously paid off since Elton has become a superstar in the music business. 

Lil Nas X and Elton John Made A Song! – Yes, You Read That Right 

Exactly, whether you believe it or not, Elton John and Lil Nas X created a hit song together by the name of ‘’One of Me’’. This track was released last year, and it already has more than five million views on YouTube, which considering how popular both are, it’s not a surprise. 

And if you think that these two making a song together seems very surprising, that is not all since the rapper and the pop star seem to get along in yet another field. Elton and Lil Nas X also made a string of commercials together for Uber Eats. This collaboration was also interesting because they look like they have known each other all their lives, considering how well they work together. Of course, they are not super close, as Lil Nas X said, but he stated that Elton has been very supportive. 

As you can see, there are some exciting fun facts about Elton John, so let’s move on to the next one. 

Elton John and dua lipa

Elton Also Has A Hit Song with Dua Lipa

A much more ‘realistic’ collaboration than the previous one, Dua Lipa and Elton John not only sang a mega-hit song but ‘’Cold Heart’’ was also appropriated with a fantastic animated music video. The numbers speak for themselves since even though uploaded on YouTube just several months ago, it already has more than 246 million views. 

In fact, the Elton John and Dua Lipa joint single is a mashup of four songs, the two main ones are the 1972 classic ‘’Rocket Man’’ and 1990’s ‘’Sacrifice’’, but it also has elements of ‘’Where’s the Shoorah’’ from 1976, and 1983 single ‘’Kiss the Bride’’. Furthermore, it’s actually a remix since it was created by the Australian dance duo PNAU

Elton’s Trademark Are His Sunglasses

The music superstars in the industry are known for their various dressing styles, shoe collections, merchandise-selling sites, ‘crazy’ hairstyles, and other fashionable adventures, but none of them has an authentic eyewear brand like Elton John. In fact, this is yet another reason why Rocket Man is different from everyone else. 

And when it comes to fun facts about Elton John, this is maybe the one that makes him even more popular since his eyewear brand is now famous all over the globe. The Elton John eyewear collection created in collaboration with Walmart is now a perfect chance for fans to buy some sir Elton John sunglasses. 

Of course, this became his trademark even from the beginning of his career, and it is fair to say that these types of sunglasses look like they were invented for Elton to wear since no one else looks so cool with them as the British pop star. Also, it is interesting to mention that he owns more than one thousand pairs of glasses. 

Elton John’s First Marriage

When it comes to the Elton John sexuality, you probably already know that Elton is gay, although he came out as bisexual in an interview for Rolling Stone back in 1976. He is now married to David James Furnish, and he has two kids. 

Still, what you might not know is that the first Elton John spouse was Renate Blauel. The Rocket Man married Renate in Australia back in 1984 on Valentine’s Day. They met at the beginning of 1983 in the capital of the United Kingdom, while Renate was a sound technician and tape operator. 

In fact, Blauel was introduced to Sir Elton since she apparently wanted to be a record producer, and they first met while he was finishing his ‘’Too Low for Zero’’ studio album. Elton being the showman and Renate relatively quiet, seemed like the perfect fit. They became close friends in less than a year, and she joined him as part of his entourage on his tour in Australia for the album. One thing led to another, and on February 10th, 1983, Elton proposed while they were having dinner at an Indian restaurant. The engagement was announced the next day, and the wedding happened just three days later. This was the first Elton John family, but they split up in 1988. 

Out of all the fun facts about Elton John, his first marriage is the most interesting one since nobody could really predict what would happen in the future. 

Elton John Is Not His Real Name

Maybe the most hardcore fans know that this is not his real name, but most of the music fans and the rest of the entire world knows him as Elton John. Well, that is actually the Elton John stage name or artistic name, and his real one is Reginald Dwight. You can probably guess why he had to change it since it didn’t fit for a live performer, especially not in the music business. 

Still, his stage name is also a little bit different since the original is actually Elton Hercules John. Well, it seems like Elton John fun facts never end. The name came from his bandmates from the Bluesology band, Long John Baldry and Elton Dean. As for Hercules, it is said that he decided to use it from a sitcom character, although maybe Hercules is his favorite Roman hero. 

Be as it may, the pop star adopted this name back in 1967, but he officially took it up back in 1972, and the rest is history.

Let’s move on to the other exciting Elton John facts.

Elton Met Bernie Taupin Through An Ad for Talent 

You probably already know that Bernie Taupin is a songwriting collaborator to Elton John for almost all of his music career, and the two have created many mega-hit songs throughout the years. Still, a more interesting story is how the two legends met each other. 

Back in 1967, Bernie Taupin decided to answer an advertisement for talent that he saw in the New Musical Express by Liberty Records. Luck was present that day since Elton John also answered the exact same ad. Still, since history has its charms and turns, neither Elton nor Bernie passed the audition. So, Elton told the man behind the desk that writing lyrics isn’t something that he can do, and the man gave him a sealed envelope from the pile of people submitting lyrics. Elton opened that envelope on the ride home on the London Underground, and it had poems by Bernie Taupin. 

This fun fact about Elton John changed the music industry and people’s lives forever; from then on, the two have collaborated on more than 30 studio albums. 

Elton Managed to Release Four Albums in One Year

Last but not least of the Elton John interesting facts is that Rocket Man managed to release four studio albums in one year, between October 1970 and November 1971.

And this is not a surprise since he was hungry for music success, so he came in strong on the music scene. Elton released four albums in one year, but he also managed to release seventeen more in the 70s alone, which is more than most musicians release in their entire musical career. 

This Elton John fact is one of the most fascinating ones since it proves how creative Sir Elton is.

Final Words

So, we have concluded, and here you have some facts about Elton John that make him stand out from the rest of the performers in the world. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians of all time and certainly the leading musician when it comes to pop music. 

We hope that you loved our list of interesting facts about Elton John, and please don’t waste much time to buy Elton John concert tickets for his upcoming live shows since his performances are more than unique! 

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