Blink 182: All About Your Favorite Band In The Early 2000s

Blink 182: All About Your Favorite Band In The Early 2000s


Blink 182 is a rock band established in 1992 in San Diego, and it has been famous since the beginning of its career. The best proof are the Blink 182 tickets 2023 that consistently sell out quickly.

Blink 182 90s was really a huge thing, widely regarded as one of the most important bands in the pop-punk genre, placing a greater emphasis on songs that feature comedic elements, in contrast to most other bands who tend to center their attention on more serious societal themes.

We want to share some curiosities about this band that you may not know, and then we will continue with their songs that will bring you nostalgic feelings.

They Were Known Only As ”Blink

Before the release of Cheshire Cat by Cargo Records in 1995, the band Blink 182 90s were only known by their original nickname.

The problem was that there was already a band in Ireland with the same name, and when they found out about it, they threatened to sue them for copyright infringement. Mark Hoppus claims that the record label issued the subpoena, which stated, “Either you alter it, or we change it.” As a result, the boys decided to add the first number that came to their minds, 182.

The Blink 182 first album, referred to as “Unnumbered,” is currently fetching a high price on eBay because subsequent releases of the album came with the new nickname. The image of the Siamese cat on the cover of the record was digitally changed after being taken from a calendar.

Because the lads didn’t hold the rights to the photograph, they decided to take it to the art department at Cargo and have it altered to the point where it could no longer be recognized.

Keep in mind that although this is the band’s debut album, they had previously released three demos under their name: Flyswatter (1993), Demo 02 (1993), and Buddha (1994).

The Music Video for ”Josie” Was Supposed to Be Different

You must be familiar with the music video for “Josie,” which stars Alyssa Milano.

But it wasn’t exactly what Mark had in mind when he started making the video. His first concept was to have Blink perform on a sinking ship, but the record company nixed the idea because it would have been too expensive.

Therefore, they made a version called “economical,” in which Mark, Tom, and Scott, the drummer at the time, appeared to be performing in a warehouse that was being flooded.

Because the final version didn’t meet their expectations, everything had to be redone, and the outcome was the version that everybody was familiar with.

Enema Of The State” Was Released with Three Different Covers

It was changed for the second release because the band preferred it with a lowercase “B.” The first release had a capital “B” in the “blink” and a cross on the model’s hat (a porn actress named Janine Lindemulder).

However, the band requested that it be changed for the second edition.
Not long after that, the Red Cross issued a warning to sue the company for using its symbol in the design, claiming that it violated the Geneva Convention.

The cross was deleted from the third print to protect the company from legal action.

The band had planned to call the album “Turn Your Head and Cough,” but at the last minute, they decided to change the title to “Enema of the State” (you can see the moment when Tom gets the idea to change the name in The Urethra Chronicles DVD).

This CD contains an extra version of the song “Man Overboard,” previously issued as a single for The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show.

Who is Travis Barker?

He is a punk rock drummer born in California on November 14, 1975. Today, the Travis Barker age is 47, and he’s still rocking stages all across the globe.

Although he was a member of many bands, “The Transplants” and “Blink 182” are the only ones that stand out.

Travis Barker embodies the spirit of the term “punk leopard.”

In his life, he has managed to accumulate a massive list of one-of-a-kind experiences, which could be briefly summarized as follows: reality TV star, drummer in rap-punk supergroup Transplants, rehabilitated drug addict, solo artist, restaurant owner, pioneering DJ-rocker in TRV$DJAM, fashion mogul, tattoo icon, son, father, and now an author of a book.

Therefore, it’s unsurprising that the Travis Barker net worth is estimated at $50 million.

Blink-182 Best Songs

Blink 182 90s may not have their original line-up anymore, or their strength may have decreased since the breakup in 2005, but it is indisputable that in the years before, they were one of the great pillars on which pop punk was based.

One of the most significant turning moments in the band’s history was in Blink 182 90s when they recruited Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, one of the best drummers in the world. Blink 182 is now responsible for a whole mini-generation of people dancing thanks to their quick beats and enormous amounts of snark.

Let’s see the Blink-182 best songs without further ado.

”I Miss You”

During the early 2000s, users’ status updates on Messenger frequently included this song.

The lovely ballad performed by The Californians was underpinned by the visceral Blink 182 I Miss You lyrics that have remained memorable after all these years.

The sound they made before it was entirely replaced by a new one when it arrived. There are various allusions to Tim Burton’s film “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” which was written and filmed by Burton.

It’s also the group’s best-selling single and has risen to the top despite receiving some initial criticism for its shift in musical direction.

”All the Small Things”

If you have ever skateboarded, there’s a good chance you have had this song playing in your player at some point.

The chorus of Blink-182 All the Small Things is one of the most “bubblegum” choruses anyone can remember hearing; the song had all the makings of a success. It was also the song that the Californians performed in their cameo appearance on an episode of The Simpsons

”Online Songs”

Here is evidence that Blink 182 90s evolved into something other than the standard disposable pop punk band that released a couple of songs from each album and successfully got them on the radio.

Because Travis Barker is so skilled behind the kit, many different drummers have been inspired to create their versions of the joyful songs that appear on all of their albums.

Mark Hoppus brought a significant amount of creative weight to the band, as is demonstrated by the bass in “Online Songs.”

”Not Now”

Blink 182’s career was placed on hold in 2005, although it was picked back up again in 2009 with far less success than before.

The song “Not Now” was released alongside a video that attempted to provide an overview of the band’s career until that point.

Because of the dramatic guitar work and emotionally charged lyrics, this song quickly became a fan favorite among Californians.


The song “Always” is an excellent example of how far the band has grown. Direct and boasting a stunning melody and lyric, this song has the power to reinvigorate any love affair.

The brief drum solo that Travis Barker played was stunning, and he deserves special recognition for it. It’s also a track that’s fantastic for playing live at any rock music festival since it has an excellent drum solo.

”Adam’s Song”

Blink 182 may be linked with happiness and youth, but the Blink 182 singers also have songs in which the protagonist is involved in a dramatic event.

“Adam’s Song” was inspired by a note a listener left behind before taking his own life.

The letter was delivered to Mark Hoppus, who felt an overwhelming sense of loss upon reading it and decided to write a song to pay his respects.


Probably, the guitar riff of the Dammit Blink 182 track is still playing in the back of your mind because it was featured in games like Guitar Hero. Its entertaining music video perfectly captures the spirit of the song’s lyrics.

”What’s My Age Again?”

Blink 182 What’s My Age Again track was issued by MCA Records as the lead single from the band’s third studio album, Enema of the State (1999), in April of 1999.

Tom DeLonge, the band’s guitarist, and Mark Hoppus, the band’s bassist, share composition credits for the song “What’s My Age Again?”

”Man Overboard”

The one that best demonstrates the excellent synchronicity that existed between the voices of Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus, creating a low/high contrast in the process.

The initial bass line prepared the ground for the ferocious assault Travis Baker would deliver on the drums. It was to be included on the album “Enema of the State,” but in the end, it was included on the band’s debut live CD instead.

”M + M’s”

We go all the way back to when the band was just getting started. It was 1995 when Blink 182 made their MTV debut with a performance of their first hit, “M+M’s.”

The single ended up being reasonably popular even though a respected television network at the time didn’t anticipate a promising future for them owing to their immaturity.

Its sound was a good preview of what the group would become: although it didn’t have a developed technique, its guitar riff managed to sound majestic, although it could have been played better.

There you have it, the Blink-182 best songs and everything else about your favorite band from the 2000s. If you want to see them perform, now is the time to buy a Blink 182 shirt and get tickets for the band’s upcoming concerts!

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