Best Upcoming Tours in 2023

Best Upcoming Tours in 2023


Even though it’s not the beginning of 2023, there are still many ongoing and upcoming concerts in the USA.

Your favorite musicians are on the road, and after two years of postponed and canceled tours, you finally have the opportunity to enjoy many live performances. From Janet Jackson to Metallica and many other singers, you can buy tickets for performers from almost any music genre.

The time to have fun is now, so let’s see the best upcoming tours 2023 in the USA without further ado.

Upcoming Tours and Concerts

Before addressing the best upcoming tours, it’s valuable to mention that it’s best to purchase tickets immediately since the musicians and singers we will list in this article are top-rated, and tickets for their live concerts sell out quickly.

Also, feel free to read our article about what to take to a concert since even though you think you know what you should carry in your bag, you will be surprised how many things you will forget once you arrive at the concert.

Let’s start our list with one of the most exciting tours in 2023 by Janet Jackson and Ludacris.

Ludacris and Janet Jackson Tour

After a pause of four years, Janet Jackson is once again on the road with her “Together Again” tour. The entire tour is made of live concerts at amphitheaters and arenas across 33 cities in the United States, and it began on April 14th in Hollywood, Florida.

Another thing that makes this tour unique is that Ludacris is a special guest, and since there aren’t many live shows left for the summer, now is the perfect time to buy tickets if you want to see Janet Jackson and Ludacris perform together.

This Janet Jackson Tour represents a celebration of Janet’s 50-year career in the music industry, and it also highlights her biggest studio albums and song hits from her impressive music milestone.

Luckily for you, the Janet Jackson tour cancellation because of the pandemic is behind, and you can see her on stage in various cities across the country!

Metallica Tour 2023

Metallica is undoubtedly the best heavy metal band and one of the best rock and roll bands ever. That’s why it’s unsurprising that every time this band announces a new tour, it’s always one of the best upcoming tours worldwide.

It’s called the “M72 World Tour” since it supports their 11th studio album, 72 Seasons, which came out on April 14th. This Metallica tour already began on April 27th in Amsterdam, but luckily for you, there are many upcoming Metallica concerts since it will end on September 29th, 2024, in Mexico City.

Two things make this tour even more unique – it will feature two-night performances in each city, and an upgraded stage design relocates the famous “Snake Pit” to the center stage.

Some of the supporting acts include the following bands:

Get your Metallica t shirt, purchase tickets, and enjoy the live performances of the best heavy metal band!

Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks

Buying Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks tickets means having a lot of fun while watching these two musical legends perform on stage and an opportunity to witness greatness, considering their long, impressive careers.

These two singers have long and fantastic careers as singers, songwriters, and performers, and it’s incredible to see one of them perform live, let alone the two of them together. In fact, it’s Joel’s tour called “Billy Joel in Concert,” and luckily for you, there are many upcoming live concerts, even in 2024.

Still, make sure to get Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel tickets immediately since they sell out extremely fast!

SZA Tour

SZA currently has live performances in London, but she will also have live concerts in Toronto and across various cities in the United States.

One of the reasons you should go to at least one of SZA’s upcoming concerts, even if you don’t know her songs, is because she is one of the rare R&B singer-songwriters. The New Jersey-born singer has two highly successful studio albums, and buying SZA tickets will allow you to see her perform her songs live and also a chance to see a unique, authentic, and charismatic performer.

If you don’t have an SZA shirt, now is the time to purchase one along with the concert tickets and have a lot of fun!

Keith Sweat Tour

Regarding R&B, soul, and new jack swing music, one of the rare true performers in this music genre is Keith Sweat, a singer, songwriter, and record producer who has been performing for almost 50 years.

Keith Sweat tickets are already on sale, and some of his guests at his upcoming concerts include Monica and Ginuwine. 

Keith maybe isn’t a top music superstar, a mainstream performer, or one of the best-selling artists; however, going to a Keith Sweat concert will undoubtedly provide you with seeing a performer who sings songs from some music genres which, unfortunately, aren’t as famous as they used to be in the past.

Anita Baker Tour

One of the most legendary and best upcoming tours is undoubtedly the Anita Baker tour, which actually began on February 11th.

However, there are still some Anita Baker tickets you can purchase for her upcoming shows across the United States from now until December. One of the primary reasons this tour is important is because it has been quite a long time since the rhythm and blues legend has been on the road, in fact, almost 28 years! Today, the eight-time Grammy-winning singer is commemorating the 40th anniversary of her first album, “The Songstress.”

There are many fantastic Anita Baker songs you will have the chance to listen to in her upcoming live performances, and it’s worth buying a ticket since there aren’t many singers of her caliber left in the music industry, especially not today.

Depeche Mode Tour 2023

There aren’t many legendary rock bands left in the music scene; one of the best ever is undoubtedly Depeche Mode.

Unfortunately, Andy Fletcher passed away last year, but Dave Gahan and Martin Fore decided to move on, and they released a new album titled “Memento Mori.” Therefore, they announced a Depeche Mode tour, which is ongoing; you can purchase Depeche Mode tickets right now, and you better if you want to see this band live since they sell out extremely quickly!

Depeche is one of the best new wave bands ever, and the primary reason for this band’s success is the many fantastic Depeche Mode songs, which made synth-pop, new wave, and rock music much better and more famous.

There you have it, the best upcoming tours in the USA in 2023 you can buy a ticket for and have a lot of fun with your best friends and thousands of other music fans. Don’t forget to purchase tickets immediately since there aren’t many left because these singers and bands are very famous and tickets for their live concerts sell out extremely fast.

We wish you to have tremendous fun, enjoy the live performances of your favorite singers and bands, and make beautiful memories!

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