11 Amazing Events in Michigan to Attend in 2023

11 Amazing Events in Michigan to Attend in 2023

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If you want to remember the beginning of 2023 as a year you had a lot of fun, an exciting idea is to attend the best upcoming events in Michigan. The reason is that Michigan is the place to be in the following months, considering how many A-list singers and musicians are coming to the Great Lakes State.

If you are from or planning to visit Michigan in the near future, you can provide yourself with a beautiful experience by visiting its best tourist attractions and attending the concerts in Michigan that will happen soon. This way, you will create an excellent vacation experience full of relaxation and excitement at the same time.

Without further ado, let’s see the 11 amazing Michigan events in 2023 you should buy a ticket for immediately.

What Are the Best Michigan Concerts for This Year?

Before we list the most entertaining Michigan events for this year, you should also know that these 11 live performances will happen in some of the most beautiful Michigan concert venues, which makes them even more unique.

The time to have tremendous fun is now, so let’s start our list with one of the best music performers in recent years, the highly charismatic Tove Lo.

Tove Lo Is Playing in Royal Oak

The Royal Oak Music Theatre is one of the most beautiful Michigan concert venues since, with its 1700-seat capacity, it creates a wonderfully intimate atmosphere. And on February 15th, the atmosphere in this music theater will be even warmer since Tove Lo is coming to Royal Oak to perform a live concert.

Sweden’s darkest pop export is worth buying a concert ticket for since she has a unique stage presence and it’s one of the most authentic live performers today. Tove Lo creates songs that mix dance-pop, indie-pop, electropop, and synth-pop, while her music also has bits of grunge, making her tracks even more fascinating.

If you don’t listen to her music, you better start now since she is also the co-writer of “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding and “Homemade Dynamite” by Lorde

Furthermore, Tove Lo has had various music collaborations with top-of-the-game bands and singers like Duran Duran, Coldplay, Kylie Minogue, Flume, Nick Jonas, and many others.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Coming to Detroit

One of the most anticipated concerts in Detroit this 2023 is the Bruce Springsteen live concert on March 29th at the Little Caesars Arena with his E Street Band.

“The Boss” is coming to Detroit to perform one of his most memorable Michigan concerts since he is about to celebrate a 60-year career, practically making him a living legend. You will have the pleasure of hearing the best Bruce Springsteen tracks from his 21 studio album discography and enjoy his entertaining heartland rock.

Springsteen’s live concerts often last longer than three hours, so his live performance isn’t just a concert; it’s a musical experience that will create many beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. 

He’s won 20 Grammy Awards and numerous other accolades, so if you want to witness how it looks like when a living legend is performing live, you better hurry up and purchase tickets for his Michigan concert.

Bone Thugs N Harmony Are Also Performing In Detroit

If you are a fan of rap music and you love Bone Thugs N Harmony songs, you are lucky since Bone Thugs N Harmony is playing at the Motorcity Casino Hotel on January 27th. 

This live show will be one of the most electrifying concerts Detroit since the Cleveland rappers have an energetic stage presence and are one of the rare hip-hop groups that stayed true to its original sound.

Although some of the band members had many legal troubles over the years, Bone Thugs are back in full force to entertain their fans and perform their biggest hits once again. You shouldn’t live according to their songs’ lyrics, but you can undoubtedly have a tremendous amount of fun and dance all night long with your friends if you attend a Bone Thugs concert.

The primary reason to attend this group’s concert is that they still represent a novelty of rapping and harmonizing vocals, something that you can’t enjoy listening to any of today’s hip-hop performers.

Doja Cat Will Play at the Majestic Theatre

Another rap performer who has become highly famous in the last few years is Doja Cat. Aside from having the pleasure of seeing Bone Thugs perform, you will also have the chance to enjoy Doja’s performance on March 26th at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit.

Get yourself Doja Cat tickets as soon as possible since they sell out quickly because she is one of the best female rappers of today. Doja Cat’s live performances are exciting since she has an absurdly funny personality and eccentric dressing style; she dresses in cat-like and animal-crossing costumes, which isn’t surprising considering her artistic name.

Doja Cat is a rapper who also mixes pop and R&B music in her tracks. She’s funny, sexy, has an interesting singing voice, and undoubtedly knows how to dance on stage.

Soulfly Are Coming to Flint 

If you and your friends are metal fans, there’s a lot of fun in Michigan for you as well since the Soulfly tour is ongoing, and one of their upcoming concerts is at the Machine Shop Concert Lounge in Flint on March 1st.

The American heavy metal band, which has been rocking stages since 1997 all across the globe, is coming to Flint to entertain metal and rock fans with its thrash, death, and groove metal that also has Brazilian tribal and world music.

Michigan concerts became even more popular since Soulfly announced their show in Flint because Max Cavalera, Zyon Cavalera, and Mike Leon are famous among metal fans of all generations, to a large degree because of their electrifying stage performances. 

Even though they have been performing for over 25 years, Soulfly is always a refreshment in the metal music scene since their alternative sound among so many similar metal bands makes them authentic and worth buying a ticket for every time they announce a tour.

Joe Bonamassa Rocking the Devos Hall

The Joe Bonamassa tour is ongoing with 37 upcoming live concerts, one of which is in Grand Rapids at the Devos Hall on February 24th.

If you love blues, Joe Bonamassa is your man since, at age 12, he was already opening for B.B. King. He is a guitar virtuoso who is also a singer and a songwriter who has released 15 solo albums since 2000, 11 of which have peaked at number one on Billboard’s Blues chart.

Joe Bonamassa tickets are already on sale, so now is the perfect time to purchase tickets for his upcoming Devos Hall show. He has been performing together with various notable rock and blues artists and is known for his extensive collection of vintage amplifiers and guitars, so his love for blues comes straight from his heart into the guitar strings.

If you like blues and hard rock, you should undoubtedly be at the Devos Hall on February 24th.

Susan Werner is Playing In Ann Arbor

If you like to experience something entirely different and opposite of what is popular in the music business, you should buy tickets for the Susan Werner concert at The Ark in Ann Arbor on April 7th.

The American contemporary folk singer and songwriter who mixes gospel and jazz in her tracks is a fascinating and unique performer since she still does her own thing without addressing what the music industry might want or need. 

This concert wouldn’t have been possible if she didn’t see a Nanci Griffith performance and gotten the inspiration to make her own songs since Susan Werner wanted a career in opera. If you attend her concert in Ann Arbor, you will witness a multi-talent since she is also known for writing the music and lyrics for a musical based on the Bull Durham film. This musical had a premiere at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta in 2014.

However, Susan Werner’s talents aren’t surprising since she comes from a musical family, and one of her brothers is a stand-up comedian, and another is a drag queen performer.

Goo Goo Dolls & O.A.R in Sterling Heights

We’ll continue the list of Michigan concerts with a rock ‘n’ roll live show, and what’s even better, not with one rock band but two!

The Goo Goo Dolls tour with O.A.R. is already announced to begin on April 26th in Cancun, Mexico, but the main part is the Goo Goo Dolls massive summer tour starting in July 2023 in the US.

Goo Goo Dolls will play Michigan with O.A.R. on August 19th in Sterling Heights at the Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill.

By going to this live concert, you will have the opportunity to listen to John Rzeznik sing “Iris” and many other mega-hit tracks this band has and enjoy their energetic yet calming live performance. And don’t underestimate O.A.R. since they are also an excellent rock band with songs from various genres like alternative, roots, indie, and heartland rock; therefore, this concert will be a lot of fun!

Black Violin Has Two Michigan Shows

Black Violin has two Michigan events in February, the first on February 26th at the Frauenthal Center For The Performing Arts in Muskegon, and the second on February 28th at the Wharton Center – Cobb Great Hall in East Lansing.

It’s a hip-hop duo comprising two classically trained string instrumentalists, Wilner Baptiste and Kevin Sylvester. However, they go by the names of Wil B and Kev Marcus. The first one plays the viola, and the second the violin. 

It would be great if you could attend their Michigan live show from their Black Violin tour since these two guys are fantastic musicians who even played two sold-out concerts at the Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s death.

Black Violin is a duo that was approached by the Alicia Keys manager to play with her on the Billboard Awards, and this event triggered many other offers in the future. Wil B and Kev Marcus are fascinating since they made an act covering hip-hop tracks on their classical instruments.

If you love watching 2Cellos cover rock songs, you will undoubtedly love Black Violin covering hip-hop tracks.

Darude Will Hit the Stage in Pontiac

Unfortunately, Darude has only two upcoming live concerts, but luckily for you, one of them is in Michigan on February 10th at the Elektricity Nightclub in Pontiac.

The Finnish DJ undoubtedly deserves to be on this list of Michigan concerts since he has been one of the best DJs in the world for a long time, and his career spans over 26 years. It was evident that Darude was going to be a successful performer since his debut album, “Before the Storm,” sold over 800,000 copies across the globe, earning him three Finnish Grammys. 

His music and DJ set includes EDM, house, and trance music, so if you love electronic music, his upcoming concert in Michigan is a perfect fit for your musical taste. And even if you don’t like this type of music, buying tickets for his show is still a good idea since you can dance all night long, even if you don’t know any of his tracks.

Shwayze Will Play at The Blind Pig

We will end our list of Michigan concerts you should attend in 2023 with another hip-hop musician, and his name is Shwayze. The California-born rapper is coming to Ann Arbor on March 29th to play at The Blind Pig.

One instantly knows how much Shwayze loves music since he and his now ex-wife, model Shelby Keeton, named their child Hendrix after the legendary guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix. Even though he isn’t new in the music business since he has been active since 2005 and it’s not part of the mainstream industry, it’s worth buying a ticket for his concert because Shwayze has many entertaining tracks. 

Also, he has a new album titled “Shwayze SZN,” which was released in September 2022. 

These are the 11 amazing Michigan events you should consider buying a ticket for, and attend at least one of them to make beautiful memories with your best friends. The best thing is that there are upcoming concerts from all music genres, so make your pick and enjoy like never before!

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