American Music Awards 2022: All You Need to Know

American Music Awards 2022: All You Need to Know


You are probably already excited for the upcoming American Music Awards 2022, which honor the most famous performers and albums that were released within the period September 24th, 2021, to September 22nd, 2022. 

As an annual music awards ceremony, this event also cherishes artists in various categories, which we will address in this article. Along with the famous Grammy Awards, the American Music Awards 2022 are a highly popular event filled with excitement and entertainment. 

So, who are the nominees this year, and what to expect from AMA 2022? We are about to find out!

Therefore, let’s start with the background of the American Music Awards before we see all the nominees.

American Music Awards History

The American Music Awards is an annual music awards ceremony, almost always held in the fall. This music awards show was made back in 1973 by Dick Clark for ABC because their contract to air the famous Grammy Award ceremony expired.

MRC Live & Alternative currently produce these music awards since Dick Clark Productions was folded into them in the fall of last year. 

An interesting fact is that from 1973 until 2005, the nominations and winners were selected by music industry members according to success regarding airplay and sales. However, since 2006 the winners have been decided by a poll of the fans and the public, who can vote via the American Music Awards site.

When Will the AMA’s 2022 Happen?

The 50th annual AMA Awards 2022 will happen on November 20th, 2022, at the beautiful Microsoft Theater in LA. 

Back on September 15th, this year, ABC and Dick Clark Productions made a statement that the American Music Awards 2022 will be held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles with executive producers Dionne Harmon, Jeannae Rouzan Clay, and Jesse Collin, while Larry Klein will be the producer.

The announcement also revealed that the nomination release would be scheduled for October 13th, 2022, and tickets for the show went on sale on October 7th.

Who Will Host the American Music Awards 2022?

Even though all other announcements, from who will be the executive producers, the producer, all the nominations, the date of happening, and where the show will be held, were revealed, it is still kept secret who will host the American Music Awards 2022. 

Nevertheless, one thing is for sure; whoever the host will be, they will have to take the challenge seriously since Cardi B was an interesting main host last year. Everyone already knew that she is an exciting live performer and a mega music star, but since last year we also know that she also has some qualities for hosting a famous music show. 

Be as it may, since the American Music Awards production knows how to make a fantastic ceremony, this production will most certainly pick an excellent show host this year as well.

Which Performers Are Nominated for an AMA Award?

As mentioned, nominations were announced on October 13th when Becky G revealed the nominees on Good Morning America for Artist of the Year. 

As for the other award categories, the nominations were published via the American Music Awards Twitter account. The announcement was pretty exciting since some artists got multiple nominations in various categories. 

For instance, Bad Bunny has the most award nominations of all nominees with eight nominations, including the most prestigious one, Artist of the Year. Furthermore, Taylor Swift got a record number of nominations in the same category since she was nominated for the ninth time. At the same time, she has six nominations in different categories overall. 

Beyonce and Drake also have six nominations, while Swift and Beyonce are the most-nominated female performers.

The new sensation Maneskin and Imagine Dragons both have five nominations, which means they have the most band nominations. 

Believe it or not, more than 40 performers are first-time nominees, including Jack Harlow, Anitta, Tems, and Latto.

A fun fact is that Elton John set a record for being the longest-recognized performer in the history of American Music Awards since his first AMA nomination was at the inaugural ceremony back in 1974. His nominations include Collaboration of the Year and Favorite Touring Artist this year.

What’s New In the 2022 AMA Awards?

There are four new categories at the American Music Awards 2022: Favorite Rock Song, Favorite Rock Album, Favorite Afrobeats Artist, and Favorite K-pop Artist.

The category Favorite Trending Song was removed and won’t be awarded this year. As for the awards Favorite Touring Artist and Favorite Soundtrack, they are back in the game following the reopening of theaters and availability of touring after the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions were lifted earlier this year. 

In addition, another new thing regarding the American Music Awards 2022 is that voting in all categories opened the same day on the AMA site and Twitter account, except for Favorite K-pop Artist, which will start on November 1st.

List of 2022 AMA Awards Most Famous Categories and Nominations

Here are the most popular American Music Awards 2022 categories and nominations:

Artist of the Year

New Artist of the Year

Favorite Touring Artist

Favorite Female Pop Artist

Favorite Male Pop Artist

  • Bad Bunny
  • Drake
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Harry Styles
  • The Weeknd

Of course, there are another 32 award categories since there are a total of 37 AMA awards this 2022. 

Most Wins By Category In the Past

The American Music Awards are fascinating, and many times over the years, there were some surprising moments and record-breaking wins. 

Who knows, maybe the 2022 AMA awards will bring something similar to the table, but before you watch this year’s show, let’s go back in history and remind ourselves of some of the exciting facts from past AMA award shows with performers with the most wins. 

The record for most wins won in a single year is held by Whitney Houston, with eight wins, but we hope someone will break this record this year.

As for most wins by category, Taylor Swift has won Artist of the Year six times, Justin Bieber has won Collaboration of the Year three times, and Kenny Rogers has won Song of the Year five times.

Some other fun facts are that Carrie Underwood has a record six wins for Favorite Album – Country, Nicki Minaj has three for Favorite Album – Rap/Hip-Hop, and Enrique Iglesias has seven wins for Favorite Artist – Latin Music.

To Sum It All Up

It would be pointless to compare the American Music Awards with the Grammys or the MTV VMA Awards since AMAs are the world’s largest fan-voted awards ceremony. 

Here you have all the information for what to expect from the American Music Awards 2022, and even though there isn’t full info about who will host the ceremony or which singers will perform, it’s more than evident that this year’s awards will be exciting considering the nominees. 

So, get together with your best friends on Sunday, November 20th at 8 pm ET/PT since the AMAs will air live from the Microsoft Theater on ABC!

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