15 Fun Facts About the Music Industry and Celebrities That may Surprise you

15 Fun Facts About the Music Industry and Celebrities That may Surprise you

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Fun facts about music stars and the industry are everything! We get to know the scene better and see what some celebrities hide from the public. There are many lists of pop music fun facts, and some of them are full of conspiracy theories and oddities.

People say music is a universal language, but surely, it takes some effort until we learn how to understand it. And we consume the songs, live shows, music videos, and albums, but somehow, the music fun facts are often overseen.

That’s why we decided to share some of the most popular fun facts about music artists and what they are known for. Probably you are already aware of many, but some of these pop music fun facts were surprising to discover.

So, let’s get there!

1. Finland is the Homeland of many Metal Bands

Nordic countries are known for their metal bands and scene. In Finland, there are about 50 metal bands per 100,000 citizens. The situation is similar in Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.

In 2007, Finland won Eurovision with the song “Hard Rock Hallelujah” by Lordi, and in 2022, the famous band The Rasmus took over the scene. Bands like Amorphis, Nightwish, Apocalyptica, and Diablo are also Finnish.

2. The Catchiest Song in the World

Can you guess it? Let’s give you a hint. It’s a British girl band, today well-established ladies. You’ve probably been singing the lyrics wrong for decades.

In 2014, an online survey by The Museum of Science and Industry in England yielded interesting results. They played 5-second samples of different songs, and the one that was immediately recognized in less than two seconds was “Wannabe” by Spice Girls. This fact makes it the catchiest song of all time.

3. Avril Lavigne is the one Surrounded With Most Conspiracy Theories

Some conspiracies follow almost all the big stars, but the one about Avril Lavigne is out of this world.

In the early 2000s, some blogs published a theory that she died, and an actress was hired to replace the teen star. The things go so far, so Avril tries to prove it’s her all the time.

But, even though it’s 2022, many music fans believe she sends some clues about her true identity through the song lyrics.

4. Bad Bunny got his Stage Name From a Costume

Many fans thought that the name Bad Bunny was derived from his real-life name Benito. But, there is an interesting fact about this famous artist and his stage name.

He was forced to wear a bunny costume when he was in school. So, he was angry and didn’t even try to smile for the photo. But, the kid Benito couldn’t know that the exact image would change his whole life later.

Because of his expression and costume, Benito got inspiration and named himself Bad Bunny. And today, he is on a USA tour, with most of the shows already sold out.

We must confess, this is one of the most interesting facts about today’s music stars.

5. Beyonce can Sing and run

She was the leader of Destiny’s Child but pursued a solo career, just like her band co-stars. We all know that her father, Mathew was their manager, and her mother, Tina, created their outfits for the performances.

But Mathew had huge plans for his daughters. He made Beyonce run a mile while singing, so he could make sure she was able to perform on stage. Such a fatherly approach, we can say. That’s why we like these fun facts about music because we discover so many interesting things about stars we love.

So, if you’ve ever asked why it seems like Beyonce never gets exhausted while performing, this can be the main reason for that.

6. Eminem’s Parents had a Band

This is probably one of the most interesting facts in music history. We all know that Eminem was poorly treated by his mother, Deborah, and his father, Marshall Bruce, who left when he was very young.

But, before the divorce, Em’s parents had a band named Daddy Warbucks, and they were pretty good too. As you expect, their divorce was the end for the band too, but the start of Eminem’s rough childhood.

7. A Documentary About Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood is one of the many women who claim to be victims of Marilyn Manson violent behavior. They were in a relationship for several years, and now, she tells her side of the story in a new HBO documentary.

There will be two episodes, and she gives an insight into all the horrors she faced during the relationship. The project features testimonials from other victims.

Indeed, we can’t classify these as the most fun facts about music, but no one should ignore the scene’s dark side.

8. Dolly Parton Once Failed to Look Like Herself

Once Dolly Parton entered a drag queen competition, trying to impersonate herself. And do you know what happened? Her appearance wasn’t enough to make the audience see the similarities. She eventually lost to other contestants looking more like Dolly Parton than herself.

9. Jason Derulo’s Surname is not Derulo

Technically, it is, but it’s shortened version of the actual surname. His full name is Jason Joel Desrouleaux. Desrouleaux is pronounced exactly as “Derulo,” but the spelling is more complicated.

So, he decided it would be easier and more acceptable for a rising star to adopt a spell-friendly stage name, and now he is known as Jason Derulo.

10. Amy Winehouse’s Last Public Appearance Wasn’t in Belgrade

Even though the Belgrade concert was the last live show, Amy Winehouse performed with Dionne Bromfield just a few days before her tragic death.

Dionne was Amy’s goddaughter, and she loved her a lot, being her musical mentor too. Their act was support for the concert of a boy band, The Wanted. The audience claimed she looked better than ever and was happy to sing again.

Sadly, the world remembers her Belgrade performance, which was declared a concert failure. Her managers and bandmates tried to keep her on stage, but she wanted to leave. Some fans say this was her most soulful and raw act, but we all know it was either a call for help or her telling us she won’t be here for long.

11. Elvis Presley Wanted to Record “I Will Always Love You”

“I Will Always Love You” was originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton. This is a surprise for many because we usually associate the song with Withney Houston. She even won a Grammy for her performance.

But, Elvis Presley wanted to record his version too. Dolly denied him, but later she realized she could earn a fortune by selling the rights to different artists. So today, we have cover versions by LeAnn Rimes, Linda Ronstadt, John Doe, Amber Riley, and Sara Washington, but not by Elvis Presley.

Today, Dolly is aware he would nail the cover, but then procedures required to sign over half of the rights to Elvis, which was a big “no” for her.

12. Adele has Famous Friends

Before she was a celebrity, Adele had a few famous friends. She, Leona Lewis, and Jessie J were all attending the BRIT School for Performing Arts and were really close. These are not some of the surprising fun facts about music scene today because we all know Adele is educated in music, just like her popular friends.

Probably, some of their classmates expected them to become a girl band. Or maybe we will have a chance to see some exciting collaboration between them in the future.

13. Taylor Swift was Inspired by one of the Biggest Country Stars

Taylor Swift was born in 1989 and was a teen when Shania Twain was in her most popular period. Listening to the songs like “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and “You’re Still the One,” Taylor knew she wanted to make country music.

Things have changed later, and Taylor Swift is now one of the biggest music stars in the world, but we still love her country songs for sure.

14. Elton John is a Knight

In 1998, Queen Elizabeth II honored Elton John , making him a knight. She recognized his hard work as a musician but also his contribution to British culture, charities, and the fight against AIDS.

But, this is not his only royal title. In 1995, he was named Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Also, Elton John rewrote his “Candle in the Wind” as a tribute to the late Princess Diana, with the new title “Goodbye England’s Rose.” We can say he deserved his royal titles.

15. Madonna Refused a Role in “Batman Returns”

Back in 1992, Madonna was offered to play Catwoman in “Batman Returns.” She eventually denied this offer. So, the production gave it to Michelle Pfeiffer, who is known as one of the best Catwoman.

But, she appeared in a few movies, including “Die Another Day” in 2022 and “Evita” in 1996. Also, she produced and wrote a few movies and shows and starred in many TV commercials.

Were you surprised by these facts? Do you know something about the music that can change how we see this scene?

Feel free to share some of your thoughts with us.