10 Best Utah Music Festivals in 2023

10 Best Utah Music Festivals in 2023

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If you are searching for the most entertaining Utah music festivals in 2023, you have come to the perfect place.


Because in this blog post, we’ll highlight the most exciting upcoming concerts in Utah that will increase your energy and keep you dancing for days!

It may be surprising, but Utah is a state where some of the best USA music festivals happen each year, and it will be the same in 2023. It’s an excellent place to see some of the best bands and singers on stage, experience a wide range of music genres, and have fun with thousands of people.

Let’s see the top ten Utah music festivals in 2023 without further ado.

Music Festivals in Utah

Before addressing the best music festivals in Utah in 2023, it’s valuable to mention that it’s wise to combine the music festival experience with Utah’s stunning natural landscapes and other tourist attractions.

You can provide yourself with a fantastic experience by attending some of the music festivals will list below and, enjoying a unique dining experience, visiting Utah’s beautiful nature and impressive national parks.

Let’s begin our list of the best music festivals in Utah in 2023 with one of the most authentic ones, Kilby Block Party.

Kilby Block Party

Kilby Court’s music festival in downtown Salt Lake City is a celebration of local and international musicianship since it brings together an impressive local music community, international performers, and various local greats.

It will be the same in 2023 since the Kilby Block Party lineup this year consists of artists such as:

Now is the best time to get Kilby Block Party tickets since this music festival will happen from May 12-14, so there’s still time to buy your passage.

Ogden Music Festival

Another music festival in Utah that deserves your attention is the Ogden Music Festival.

This annual non-profit music festival Utah aims to bring music to this state with its three-day music festival to entertain Utahns but also everyone else who wishes to come. The music genres that revolve around this music festival are bluegrass, folk, and jam.

Ogden Music Festival will happen from June 2-4, 2023, in Ogden, and the 2023 lineup is yet again impressive. Some of the performers who will hit the stage at this music festival include the following:

Fort Desolation Fest

The Fort Desolation festival is the perfect music festival for all adventure travelers and music lovers since it’s an event of three nights of live bands, drinks, and food in the fantastic outdoors at the luxury Cougar Ridge Resort in Torrey.

This is one of the music festivals in Utah with on-site camping, so you can reserve a spot to experience the festival at its total capacity. There’s almost everything a music festival goer can desire, from corn-hole throw-downs and campsite cook-offs to cocktail hours and after-hours jams with festival artists.

This year’s edition will happen from June 8-10, and the 2023 lineup includes musical acts such as:

You’ll have the privilege of enjoying Ben Harper’s discography, especially songs from his latest studio album titled “Bloodline Maintenance.”

HIVE Music Festival

The HIVE Music Festival is a two-day hip-hop festival that happens at the Utah State Fairpark in Salt Lake City.

This event is one of the reasons why Utah music festivals are so diverse since it’s a hip-hop music festival that will happen from June 9-10. What shows how famous this festival is among music lovers is that there aren’t many HIVE Music festival tickets left, so you better hurry up and purchase your passage.

The HIVE Music festival lineup for the 2023 edition is impressive, and some of the performers you’ll have the privilege of seeing on stage include the following:

Get Funky

One stage, two nights, and one groove featuring the sounds of house music is what the Get Funky festival is all about.

EDM Utah is famous thanks to Get Funky since this music festival brings some of the best DJs to Salt Lake City each year, and it will be the same in 2023. This festival boosts the popularity of the dance music scene by honoring older styles but also welcoming the freshest clouds of electronic dance music. The organization showcases its commitment to providing creativity, diversity, quality, and individuality.

Utah EDM events would lose a lot if Get Funky weren’t around, but luckily for you, the 2023 edition is just around the corner, and it will happen from June 23-24. The lineup is still unknown since it’s early, but some of the performers that had the privilege of performing at this festival last year are AC Slater, Benny Benassi, Green Velvet, and others.

Once the 2023 lineup is announced, it’s time to get Get Funky tickets since they sell out quickly.

Country Fan Fest

Country Fan Fest Utah takes place in Tooele, and it’s where the most entertaining country concerts in Utah happen each year.

It’s a four-day country music festival at Deseret Peak in Tooele, and it’s the perfect place for you if you love country music. It was born out of Hal and Bracken Hudson’s love of fun, friends, family, and country music. Today, it’s one of the biggest outdoor Utah music festivals and a top-class event that begins every July to host fans from 48 states and three countries!

The 2023 edition marks the 9th year anniversary and will happen from July 26-29. The lineup is impressive since some of the musicians who will hit the stage include the following:

The Country Fan Fest tickets are already on sale, so feel free to buy tickets immediately.

Das Energi Festival

Das Energi is mainly for people who love to dance since its primary focus is EDM. This exciting music festival takes place over two days, and it has many dance floors, one of which is indoors.

One of the most interesting things about this festival is that all stages are themed, so the entire experience is a lot of fun and pretty imaginative. The venue is The Great Saltair in Salt Lake City, in fact, on the shore of Great Salt Lake. Even though there’s no camping, you can use shuttles to transport you from downtown SLC or the Airport area. In addition, you can also drive since there is limited parking available every day.

The 2023 edition will happen from 11-12 August, and Das Energi tickets will soon be available online. That’s why the lineup is still unknown, but one thing is for sure – Das Energi makes music festivals Utah even more popular, especially when it comes to EDM concerts Utah.

Zion Canyon Music Festival

Another interesting festival on our Utah music festivals list is the Zion Canyon Music Festival, which will be held at the O.C. Tanner Amphitheater in Springdale from 23-24 September.

This festival is always planned for the last weekend of September as a two-day event, and get ready to enjoy excellent music, arts, crafts, and food. Some valuable tips we can suggest are to bring a blanket, a reusable water bottle since water stations are available, and wear accommodated clothing both for hot and cool weather since it’s hot during the day and cool at night. Also, taking an umbrella or raincoat is good since it often rains.

Another cool thing about this music festival is that there’s a kid’s zone that includes kid-friendly activities.

The 2023 lineup it’s still unknown, but some of the performers that hit the stage last year include DJ Lex, Smoke Holler, Strange Americans, etc.

Deer Valley Music Festival

Utah music festivals are all about different music genres, and this festival is one of them since it’s the summer home of the Utah Opera and Utah Symphony.

It’s an eight-week series in July and August, and it happens in the remarkable Park City venues, which the Wasatch Mountains surround. More precisely, at the Deer Valley Resort, Temple Har Shalom, Mary’s Church, and salon performances in local homes. The Deer Valley Music Festival features the Utah Symphony and guests performing opera, popular, chamber, and symphonic music.

Deer Valley is known for collaborations between famous performers and the symphony, including names such as Elvis Costello, Kansas – The Band, Gladys Knight, among others.

Superbloom Music Festival

The Superbloom Music Festival is last on our list of Utah music festivals but is equally essential. It will happen on September 23, 2023, in Salt Lake City at the Gallivan Center.

The 2023 lineup includes the following performers:

As you can see from some of the performers that will hit the stage in 2023, you’ll be able to enjoy music genres such as R&B, pop, folk, alternative rock, indie, etc. So, the Superbloom Music Festival is a place where you can genuinely enjoy various music genres while having fun with many other music lovers!

There you have it, the best Utah music festivals you should go to in 2023 and have tremendous fun. There are many concerts in Utah in the upcoming months, so you can pick and choose as many as you desire to attend.

We wish you the best time at these music festivals in 2023 with your friends and create some of the most fun memories!

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